PositivWeek and what it is all about

Everything takes place in your head. Here is a short report on how I was able to determine my actions with my positive week.

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Since I was 22 years old, I’ve been self-employed, and I have usually been working in a leading position, mostly as CEO or CVO (or both). I think I could write a book about it, about all the highs and lows. I have learned a lot by myself and from others, about myself and others. There have been very hard times and I have lost everything that you can lose in business twice. Over the years, I have done one or two things exactly the same way as I always had, I haven’t changed it. Especially when it comes to negative situations. Once I was down, it was much harder to get up again than being brought back down to earth from the top.

Since I am working as CEO/CVO at Alugha Ltd. I also had these highs and lows. But this time I wanted to change something, but how? I didn’t want these negative feelings to influence my whole team, and I really wanted my positive days to have an effect on everyone. One evening, while I was going for a walk, I had an idea. I deliberately wanted to try something completely new and call it what it was. I would introduce the


In order for it to be a success, I set myself rules:


  • I won’t let negative criticism affect me
  • I will be very open for any honest criticism
  • I will let everyone say what he/she thinks and encourage him/her to open up
  • I will accept mistakes made by me and others as daily business and as another task to be fixed
  • I make it undoubtedly clear that my project will be a complete success, Every colleague is more important than
  • I am, and I will show him that I won’t expect anything and will enjoy every positive signal of my surroundings.

How did I do that?

Foremost, I accepted it mentally. That was the most important step of all. Then, on Monday, I told everyone in my surroundings WHAT I was thinking of doing and WHAT it meant and WHAT it was all about. This was also very important in order to overcome my weaker self, I made no secret of it.

On the first day, I was directly put to the test by two employees, and I was amazed that my inner self had already adjusted to the experiment. When something negative affected me, I told myself and my interlocutor:

“I’m in my positive week, this doesn’t upset me, we could do it like this so that it doesn’t happen next time, what do you think? Or do you have a better suggestion?”.
It was amazing! A short but “intense” conversation quickly established clarity and brought us closer to the goal.

Usually, I start early in the morning (often as early as 5am) and after I leave the office, I still work until 8/9pm. Here, too, I had to change something to gather the strength I needed for the project. So, the mobile phone was put away (and also NOT brought into the bedroom), I went for a walk more often, and on the evenings I “relaxed” 2-3 hours earlier. Eventually, this step turned out to be very positive.


Interestingly, exactly those emotions influence your whole surroundings. And even though I can handle stress well, and it doesn’t really make me nervous, it still influences me and how I react/act. The positive week arose from a crazy idea, and it felt incredibly good. I (finally) slept much better, was more balanced, and everyone in my company seemed to feel a little better as well.

The crazy thing about it? It is not as easy as it seems. You have to make the decision, accept it, and then go through with it. Here’s a little hint (yes, seriously!): Choose a week in which you don’t know in the first place that you will have a lot of stress. This will make it more difficult and, eventually, it will stress you more than it will do you good. Start slowly with an “easy” week and try to do it again. Your body, your surroundings and your productivity will thank you for it.

As a side note, it sounds easier than it is. I thought I could easily do it again…but that was not the case. I have to listen to my body and let it help me make the decision.

If you accept it, you will get an incredible gift! What are you waiting for?










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