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How exactly do our hoTodi videos come to be? Alugha tells you!

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We cover all of them - the full range of topics, problems and tasks you could, should and have to deal with in life. And then, we put Bernd in front of the camera. Lights on - world off. Shoot, cut, done. Well, it’s actually not that easy. So we thought we would just ask the people of hoTodi. Here are their answers! 


hoTodi - that’s a number of creative (and partly organized :-)) minds that produce videos about technology, companies or simply about current topics. Bernd Korz, alugha CEO and unparalleled technology freak, sits, stands and fidgets in front of the camera. Of course, the idea for hoTodi comes from Bernd himself and it kind of made alugha possible in the first place … but more on that next week! #spoiler

Since 2007, Bernd has been making his hoTodi videos and he is now supported by a couple of people. In 2011, our head of design, Arthur Rewak joined. At the end of 2016, our social media manager, Nico Korz, and our charming Helena, who makes sure the group is organized, followed him. 

hoTodi represents a kind of portal for topics of everyday life. Bernd talks about himself as a entrepreneur, technology nerd, boss, traveler, private person and human being. Arthur shoots, cuts, and designs the set. Helena takes care of the planning, and in the end, Nico shares the videos online. 

They all agree on what’s important, but told me differently. All agree that the videos should be, first and foremost, informative and well done. You should be able to learn from them and they should be honest. Great content shouldn’t only be up to date, but also reach people. And this should be done, according to Arthur, “preferably with oomph”! 

Planning is, as it is often the case, the meat and potatoes of the hoTodi videos. According to Helena, the easiest task is to find a suitable shooting location. Arthur says, the most difficult challenge is to find the right topics. Bernd thinks that everything is a matter of intrinsic motivation. We say: The result is awesome! 

We also asked the hoTodi crew about their goal. To them, it is most important to make hoTodi the most important channel and promoter of the alugha brand. We want to be the place to go for people who have questions, and make our content available for the whole world, multilingual at that. 

Here’s how you can roughly imagine the process of planning a script to a finished hoTodi video:

At the beginning, there is a brainstorming session, then the ideas get filtered and a shooting schedule is created. Afterwards, we shoot, if possible, according to the schedule and then, the finishing touches are added. Cut, translation, Bernd has to dub the audio tracks in German and English. After copying lots of data back and forth, the finished video will be watched. Nico then takes care of sharing the video on all channels: alugha, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. Of course, Bernd also shares it himself because we want to reach as many people as possible with hoTodi! 

In the end, we wanted to know where the hoTodi team wants to see their videos. Helena and Nico would love to see them on the websites of manufacturers, so that customers can make an easier purchase decision due to, for example, a review. Bernd just wishes that the videos are correctly embedded into their respective topic, and Arthur speaks out, once again, in favor of multilingualism through alugha! 

Now, you have gained some insight into the planning and realization of hoTodi videos. You were certainly surprised now and then, and now go for it and watch our video in this post!! 







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