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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to:

You can read up on the latest changes below.

31 August 2020

  • Improvement: Embed code doesn't contain the autoplay attribute
    That's a cool update! It was about time! Finally, we embeded videos can start automatically. You've asked for it... again and again... so we tought, well yeah, that's cool, let's do it... and here it is!


  • Improvement: Split video page tabs into separate chunks
    That's a cool update! Doesn't sound that spectacular... but it is. The performance is very important to us and in this point we want to be one step ahead of other websites. Therefore, it sometimes is necessary to optimize "old" code and check it again. Thanks to the splitting we were able to improve SVP performance by 5 points (PageSpeed). 
  • Improvement & Fix: Prevent from being embedded in an iframe unless it's the alugha player
  • Improvement: Languages not included in defaultLangCodes aren't getting considered at all
    That's a cool update! Another one? Really? Yes! We've extended our language codes once again and now there are many more ISO langugage codes available for you.
  • Fix: Add firstVideoHref on uni-react
  • Improvement & Fix: Some video queries show removed videos
    That's a cool update! The video overview hasn't been as performant as we wanted it to be. It took us some time to localize the problem, but we did it and fixed it. On top, we now use less server and GraphQL capacity which improves the performance of our website even more. 
  • Improvement: Add Mareike to team page. WELCOME!
  • Improvement: enhanceDowngradeIntent must not be relative to current day
  • Improvement: Improve contact form traceability
  • Improvement: Do not set cookies and local storage until user consented
    That's a big update! Again and again we read how much Google and Facebook deliberately abuse our data. Often it is not even wanted by the user, but he just doesn't understand what is happening in the background. "Don't be Evil" was once the guideline of Google. Today, we could describe our guideline something like this: Don't be "GooBook". From now on we will not activate cookies or the local storage in the player until the user really agrees. And even there, we do not use any tools or " Pixel" from Google or Facebook. We store on our own servers and do not give your data to anyone! This also applies to the embedded player.
  • Improvement & Fix: Sounds are not updating when moving segments while playing
  • Improvement: Put the waveforms into objectStorage and load them as asset representations
    That's a big update! These last two improvements are quite something and are the next step for the upcoming major update for the dubbr. You can now easily move recorded segments within the timeline, even when the video is running. The video will then stop and as soon as the element is moved, the video will continue exactly at that position. Oh, and btw... We have improved the performance of the dubbr yet again with this update. 

24 August 2020

  • Improvement: Finally our entire contact section moved from angular to react. 
  • Improvement: Improve video overview for RTL
    That's a cool update! We're international and many of our users speak Arabic. RTL (right to left) is therefore something important for us. With this update we optimized our latest video overview. 
  • ix: dubbr → When coming from archive or single video page, the video in dubbr can't be started
  • Improvement: Get a warning for invalid file format in the publisher and marketplace
  • FIx and Improvement: dubbr->Recording cache items don't get purged when new recording exists
  • Improvement: dubbr → Segment cue timing offset is not labeled
  • Fix: Fix contact form colors
  • Improvement and Fix: Tree shaking doesn't work properly, causing huge vendor chunks
    That's a big update! Over time our services and pages have grown larger. At some point it's time to optimize the code behind it. By reducing the amout of code, we reduced the loading time of our website significantly. But there is still room for improvement...
  • Fix: dubbr → subtitle segment creation is broken
  • Improvement: Add autoplay and watchlist options to embed video settings
    That's a big update! Wait a moment! What? That sounds cool! You are already able to embed your video where ever you want. Then we also added the possibility for you to decide who can embed your videos elsewhere. Next, we enabled personalizing the player with your own color and branding... but! This was only true for one video so far! From now on you can set this settings for whole watchlists and embed these. You can learn how this works here:


17 August 2020

  • Improvement: Finally our entire press section moved from angular to react. 
  • Improvement: As a dubbr user I want to have more control over the dubbing intensity before exporting &
  • Improvement: add ducking intensity parameter to finishTrackJob &
  • Improvement: Expose ducking intensity slider

That's a big update! 
Our ducking has been an issue for some time now. We optimized the code several times, but in the end you need the option to adjust your ducking intensity individually for an excellent result. Therefore, we now have an intensity ratio of 1:20 -> 0% == 1:20 and 100% == 20:20. Enjoy!

  • Improvement: Put segment meta assets into the asset collection
    That's a cool update! Next big step for improving the dubbr to be ready for the next really bug update for you guys! We are in the middle of preparing the dubbr to store data differently. 
  • Fix: STT Modal needs text content
  • Improvement: As an alugha user I want to see the most recent videos of a category when visiting the video overview
  • Improvement: As a dubbr user I want to read all language names in my UI language
    That's a cool update!  From now on you can choose your language in YOUR language. This means if you're looking for Russian, you don't need to know how "Russian" is written in Russian language. 
  • Fix: Videos by category - endpoint does not check if video has playable tracks
  • Fix: dubbr-> Segment meta are still active while the track is flagged for removal
  • Fix: flexbox based modal styles are broken
  • Improvement: Player → Hide tour in embedded player if alugha branding is disabled
  • Fix: Player → Ensure tooltips do not move outside the player
  • Improvement: Player → New language menu design

That's a cool update! We changed the menu completely. Now you can see with only one click which languages are available for audio and subtitles. Both are scrollable individually using mouse or keyboard. 

Ready for the gigantic stuff!?!?

We always want to reach the people that normally don't have access to specific things. This is why we started to make the player controlable with the keyboard (you can read more here). Now this is where we are: 

    1. The Basics: Semantic accessibility optimizations: attributes and correct tags
    2. The next step to "communicate" with the whole website using the keyboard: Improved keyboard control and focus management
    3. The real game: Optimize player and related video cards for screen readers.

Yes... you read correctly! Screenreader and complete controle over the player with the screenreader and your keyboard. We are working on covering the WCAG standard at alugha. However, so far, you can manage a huge part of alugha using a screenreader and your keyboard. 

12 August 2020

  • Fix: In the Producer pages  Can not save user socials due to invalid input object
  • Fix: In the dubbr → The segment meta asset should be located in the assets collection
  • Fix: S2T broken due to model changes
  • Improvement: Remove Experimental Alpha handling for S2T
  • Improvement: Adjust UI for the STT AI
  • Improvement: New Speech-To-Text engine
    That's a big update! It took some time, but finally it's here! Our new STT engine is online! Press start, lean back and let yourself get impressed by the output! These are the languages we already support: Australian English (en-AU) - Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) - British English (en-GB) - Canadian French (fr-CA) - Chinese Mandarin - Mainland (zh-CN) - Dutch (nl-NL) - Farsi (fa-IR) - French (fr-FR) - German (de-DE) - Gulf Arabic (ar-AE) - Hebrew (he-IL) - Indian English (en-IN) - Indian Hindi (hi-IN) - Indonesian (id-ID) - Irish English (en-IE) - Italian (it-IT) - Japanese (ja-JP) - Korean (ko-KR) - Malay (ms-MY) - Modern Standard Arabic (ar-SA) - Portuguese (pt-PT) - Russian (ru-RU) - Scottish English (en-AB) - Spanish (es-ES) - Swiss German (de-CH) - Tamil (ta-IN) - Telugu (te-IN) - Turkish (tr-TR) - US English (en-US) - US - Spanish (es-US) - Welsh English (en-WL)
  • Improvement: Auto segmentation
    That's a big update!  It wouldn't be alugha, if we didn't have even more for you. We took another step further and we'll listen to your video. The segments are created automatically including punctuation. You just need to the finishing touch. With this update we reduce your workflow by about 50-60 % ! That's awesome. 

05 August 2020

  • Fix: Producer page display is broken when opened directly by URL
  • Improvement: Implement CEO's recommendation section in VideoOverview

  • Improvement: Update users filter prop naming 
  • Improvement: Update gql naming for filter prop
  • Fix: Validate assetIds before setting them
  • Add translator job offers
  • Improvement: Use redis for most popular channels
  • Improvement: There is no hint that the yt video could be in the trash
  • Improvement: Migrate dubbing segments, metas and respective assets into the video document and
  • Refactor React app to work with the changed graphql schema
    That's a big update! 
    The first big step for a huge coming update. The dubbr is being optimized regarding performance and stability. Recordings are stored directly in the object storage and subscriptions are more stable. Database and segmenting have been reprogrammed to prepare everything for the next step in which new functions will be added to the dubbr. 
  • Fix: a security issue was fixed





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