Evaluating individual skills can avoid internal competition

“Learn from the errors and achievements of others, but don’t try to copy someone. This would only lead to frustration. Each individual has unique skills and competences which should be respected and appreciated”.

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The start of every career is a phase full of discoveries, disappointments, achievements, but also of mistakes and frustrations. A good leader cannot only fulfill an important role in recognizing the individual talents of each young colleague, but also avoid a stressed working environment by doing so. 

For that, it’s necessary to motivate young adults and to have an open atmosphere for ideas, new solutions, different thinking, going beyond and being revolutionary. Having open communication channels in which healthy debates take place is essential for a partnership from which everyone benefits. 

Júlio Correia Neto, managing director and founder of JCN Gestão Empresarial, explains that it is good to learn from the mistakes and achievements of others, but you should never aim to become a copy of someone. “Wanting to copy someone only leads to frustration. Each individual has unique skills and competencies that should be respected and appreciated”. 

This bad habit is created by the society that makes young people believe that success stories of others are paragons. Many young adults believe that these social beliefs conform to reality. Therefore, they try to achieve these socially imposed ways of live, such as being successful in fact being very successfully, not only in private life but also in corporate life where they will spend much time of their time, thus causing a stressed working environment. 

Correia Neto thinks the problem is that these models are full of prejudice and suppositions. “The ever-growing inability of people to stay quiet and listen to the opinion of others, to understand their life story and how it influenced and still is influencing their professional life creates an unhealthy competitive working environment. There is a growing number of professionals driven by individualism, arrogance, contempt, vanity, deceit, gossip, intrigue, sabotage, bullying, anger and hate”. 

True and genuine motivation, and consequently commitment, are closely attached to the performance of tasks that match the strengths of the respective employee. This means that a good leader should be able to recognize and foster those skills to establish a friendly working environment. 

“I often say that leadership should be boiled down to one single word: respect. Every leader who doesn’t heed this will have difficulties staying in leadership for long. Modesty would be lacking. The ego would assert his own values, ideas and thoughts. He wouldn’t be open to new things, couldn’t create a friendly environment, and wouldn't have open and stimulating dialogues that develop and foster creativity”. concludes Correia Neto. 

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Júlio Correia Neto is managing director and founder of JCN Management. He also works as business reorganizer, mentor, speaker and writer and has worked in executive positions for companies like Ernst & Young Auditores, Vale, Intelig, Hyundai Heavy, Leader Magazine, Probank, Grupo Trigo, Certisign, Victori, Tim Celular, amongst others. 

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