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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to:

You can read up on the latest changes below.

27 April 2021

April didn't only bring us some nice warm days and some beautiful rainiy days, no, this month we were also able to finish some larger projects. 

  • Improvement → Plattform logo removed from arquive list
  • Fix → Creating a watchlist, sometimes the window didn't close
  • Fix → Language appeared repeatedly when an automated filter was applied
  • Fix → On the manager sites pagination of lists wasn't implemented and only 10 pages were displayed
  • Fix → On the watchlist the z-index for the menu wasn't correct
  • Improvement → Wir haben hier ein wenig umstrukturiert.  Being the manager of several channels the navigation was a little messy. We did some organizing. 

Okay, so far it was important, but honestly kind of booooring :) Now, we get to the really cool stuff. The dubbr is our core-piece besides our player and we did really put some effort in this!

  • Improvement → Uploading recordings is now divided in several steps and works asynchronous
    That's a big update! Until now, you recorded one segment. We then processed and uploaded it to the alugha cloud. After everything was done, you were able to record the next segment. This could consume some time and was interrupting the “flow”. Also, you as a user, didn't really know what was going on. We now divided the uploading process into : “upload - processing - finished”. As soon as the first step is in progress another nice feature comes in: we now use the new upload infrastructure for the recorder. Doing so, we not only boosted the performance noticeable, you can also just go on recording. Segment for segment. On the left side of the segment list you can see the status in writing and color. You flow will be something else!
  • Improvement → Remove extra job data from dubbing-segment processing job
  • Improvement → The export window did also show the segment of the default track. This information is completely irrelevant in this context and was removed
  • Improvement → In Safari the export window didn't work properly
  • Improvement → In Safari scrolling on the left side of the dubbr recording tab didn't work
  • Improvement → In Safari scrolling in the side-by-side editor didn't work
  • Improvement → The list of segments in the recording tab is optimized
    Thats a cool Update! …which boosts performance considerably. Before all segments were loaded and you could scroll up and down. No problem for short videos with a few segements. Not so trivial for videos of 20 minutes or more with much more segments. Now the segments are loaded while you're scrolling and the ones above are removed from memory. 
  • Improvement → Limit video automatic resolution to
  • Improvement → We disabled cookies and tracking in embedded videos. The Privacy is YOURS!

20 April 2021

  • Improvement → Whitelisted videos are only visible on alugha, if the producer wants them to be. Even with the link, the video will not be played. 
  • Improvement → As a user, I don't want embedded videos to preload
    Thats a big update! We want to be as green as possible and we want to offer our users and video consumers the best experience. Part of that is avoiding unnecessary traffic and loading videos rapidly. This update is the next milestone of our player. If autostart is deactivated only a thumbnail will be laoded in the background. This saves up to 90% traffic and website load a lot faster. 
  • Improvement →Limit video automatic resolution to video element size
    Thats a cool update! Another update that saves traffic. This intelligent function defines the highest possible video resolution for your screen. Why loading 4k if your screen only displayes 720p?
  • Fix & Improvement → dubbr: Segments with a negative duration fail to export to VTT in KJU
  • Fix & Improvement → Sometimes subtitles don't get displayed when selected in the player
  • Fix → dubbr: Adding a segment in the recorder mode when the last current segment is already at the end of the video, an error is thrown
  • Fix → React reports invalid DOM nesting when clicking on the `Assets` button in the video table
  • Fix → Track publication modal in video archive is suggesting that changes can be aborted, while it actually saves changes immediately
  • Improvement → Notification bar is displayed above the context menu
  • Fix → CustomLanguage component in publisher page is illegally wraped in a `p` tag
  • Fix → Publisher icon in left-side navigation does not set the active state
  • Fix → The horizontal scrollbar in the dubbr timeline is missing its left and right border on mouseover in Firefox
  • Fix → User-context-menu doesn't show all user personas and cuts the list off after 10 elements
  • Fix & Improvement → Subtitle Import has faulty display of voice tags in RTL language
  • Fix → "UPGRADE" link on payment tab links to wrong deal page for sumolings
  • Fix → Waveform worker is logging to console in production
  • Fix → The content of the recorder mode next to the segment list is cut off on lower window heights
  • Fix & Improvement → Dramatically performance boost for all pages, specially on the SVP (Single Video Pages) and the dubbr
  • Improvement → alugha now works out of the box on your Patreon site. This is an example:
    Thats a cool update! If you wish to monetize your videos Patreon is perfect for you. You are able to use alugha on your patreon site and reach you multilingual target group / fanbase. 


Not only our player has got some updates, but we even implemented a whole new function: 


Imagine you made a podcast in your mothertongue without transcript, so that people could also read it. With the alugha dubbr this is the past. You now can upload audio files without image and create a transcript automatically using the STT AI, translate it with the translation AI and your collaborators can dub you podcast in their mothertongue for you to share. You can share your multilingual podcast on alugha and on other services like Twitter, Patreon, Medium. Or you download the audio to share it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts with your fanbase. To make this even more awesome, we will soon offer special accounts for podcast creators at a moderate price for audio use only. 

Let's check out this podcast in two languages and hear for yourself: 






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