5 performance indicators that increase when your company supports a charity

I use to joke with my agency team at Tawil Comunicação that we sometimes work more days without pay than we do with it. Actually, there’s some truth in that. In good months, it’s a fact that we work, assist and finalize communication projects for non-profit institutions and organisations that we support.

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Support here is not meant in the sense of paying money at the end of the month. It’s about working together. Our corporate responsibility grew in 2011, one year after our foundation. It was created as a tribute to our society for all the opportunities and blessing I had received before. 

Dedicating a part of our work and expertise to institutions and people that currently can’t pay for it, or they simply fit our corporate values, is in our DNA and is also the purpose of our brand. 

But there also exists another aspect that is not always admitted, namely the positive effects the people involved: a kind of invisible seal of credibility indicating that our agency actually makes a difference. 

Studies show clearly that consumers of the 21st century are tending more and more to consume products and services of conscientious companies that practice and share their values. Here are 5 performance indicators that are positively affected when your company supports charity:

Strengthening of your brand

Companies that also mind humanity and not only their products and services are more likely to be remembered. They have their acknowledged position on the market and establish their values faster than the competition. 

Employee unity

In companies that follow a purpose, it’s easier for leaders to motivate, engage and bind their employees as opposed to companies that only focus on sales or marketing. Teams with a purpose go further (and work with more passion). 

Create new business opportunities

To look at the world from a different angle also means to believe that our actions can open up new business possibilities or partners. In general, your contact network will enlarge while following a purpose due to other supporters - mostly other companies. 

Establish new relationships

The difference between companies that follow a purpose to do something good and broaden their horizon and companies that don’t believe in it, is the capacity to relate to different audiences. So they use diversity to their advantage. 

Increase in sales and market share

Between two brands with different orientation, the consumer will almost always prefer the brand which takes on social responsibility and puts people in the centre of its strategy. Obviously, this will result in higher sales in the medium term. 

Before you decide to support a purpose, make sure it fits your company’s and employee’s values. Get references about the institution or non-profit organisation you want to support, follow one strategy and dive into it. 

The world will be grateful. 

About the author

Marc Tawil is journalist, writer and Nº1 Top Voices LinkedIn. He’s manager of the agency Tawil Comunicação, vice-coordinator at the Committee for Communication & Marketing of “Câmara de Comércio França-Brasil” (Chamber of Commerce France-Brazil), executive consultant at Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Brasil, consultant at Grupo Comunique-se, and Adus | Instituto de Reintegração do Refugiado and 1º corporate ambassador at Cabify Empresas in Brazil. Furthermore, he’s columnist for Transformação Digital and Comunique-se and chef-editor at Plikko! This article was initially published on Linkedin. 

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