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Let's Talk Again – Núria Tombas

She still has to practice her German, but in Spanish and Catalan she's the best.

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Estimated reading time:3minutes

How long have you been working for alugha?

I started working for alugha as a student in September 2017 and after completing my Masters in Translation in June 2018, I got a permanent position as a translator. However, I not only translate but I also create subtitles and do voice-overs.

What's the first thing you do in the office?

I normally follow the same routine: I go to the second floor and place my laptop, keyboard, mouse and glasses on my desk. Then I go down to the first floor and prepare myself an espresso macchiato and fill a bottle with water for the rest of the day.

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

I love coming early in the morning and on clear days I see the sun rising behind the Wasserturm, the monument which I can see directly from my window. It's a true spectacle. I also enjoy having lunch with different colleagues, so I have the opportunity to practice German.

Which project / task / experience did you enjoy most in the last year?

I enjoyed doing the translations and subtitles for Fix and Foxi. My formal background is that of a teacher, so I really appreciate when the subjects are about education, languages and above all, children. That's the reason why I have that much fun translating children stories.

What has made you laugh today?

It was while dubbing, I just changed the order of the words unconsciously and it turned out to be funny.

No workplace is perfect. What would you like to change at alugha?

We sit all day long, so it would be nice to be able to have exercise balls to change our sitting position from time to time and some bands and mats to stretch our bodies. Maybe we, at alugha, could make a short video about the right posture in the office and the importance to stretch (with practical exercises) every two hours or so.

Have you discovered a new side to yourself?

Well, it's the first time that most of my co-workers are younger than me and I am enjoying it! It's like being refilled with fresh energy all day long.

To what extent did the international team influence you?

I enjoy meeting new people from different cultures. I think that the more we get to know a culture, the better we can understand it and this knowledge enriches us and helps us to not fear the unknown. Moreover, a culture is made up of many other cultures that continuously intertwine and shape it, so we are all part of an intercultural world.

What challenge did you have to face?

In alugha? I don't think I've faced any challenges... So far, so good.

What's your personal big dream?

My dream is very simple: to be able to translate from home and to have a flexible work schedule in order to have time to take care of my garden, do some exercise and other activities that I also enjoy.

What's your advice to a new alughan?

My advice is for everybody, not only for the new alughans is a statement by Confucius: “If you love what you do, you will not work a day in your life”. I would also add that enjoying what you do is not only rewarding but the best way to do great work.





Und wir sind noch immer TOTAL begeistert! :) Aber... KEINE Herausforderung? Na, das müssen wir aber ändern :-)

super! :)

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