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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to:

You can read up on the latest changes below.

19 January 2021

  • Improvement: the different licenses on videos are now linked to a short explanation to help you decide which one is most suitable. 
  • Improvement: Set the recording intensity of the microphone
    That's a cool update! We have improved some things on the recording side of the dubbr. You can now easily set the intensity of the microphone right here and it will remember this setting for you.

  • Fix: The height in Firefox for the input lines in the recording tab is now dynamic. Lines are no longer truncated and you no longer have to scroll while recording.
  • Fix: With long videos (>30 min) there were occasional problems with the automatic transcription (STT).
  • Fix: Removed tracks are being resolved in video.track
  • Fix: In the share dialog the video title went beyond the window
  • Improvement: On the Producer page you can add multilingual bios, hobbies, etc.... The UI was optimized here so that the current language is clearly visible.
  • Fix: On the producer page, the edit mode could no longer be closed when additional languages were created
  • Fix & Improvement: In dubbr, the zoom level was often much too high and you were zoomed into the millisec range. The zoom level is now always set optimally when starting a dubbr project.
  • Fix: The text input field in the timeline cut off letters. The height has been adjusted.
  • Improvement: Improve user experience for timeline segment creation
    That's a cool update! If you now create a segment that goes outside the visible area of the timeline then the dubbr automatically zooms out a bit and displays the entire segment for you.
  • Improvement: Trigger Kju cleanup jobs on a schedule for Videos
    That's a big update! It sounds so trivial. You throw something in the trash and then it's gone. For an email that may be so.... but for multilingual videos that have many assets and maybe contributors it's not so easy. We have been working on it for a long time to get it as right and good as we can. Now the time has come! From now on everything you put in the trash will be deleted automatically after 30 days.
  • Improvement: Full screen mode
    That's a cool update! You want to fully focus on your work and not waste any screen space while you are in the dubbr? From now on there is the full screen mode, where we hide all unnecessary elements for you and give the dubbr as much screen space as possible.
  • Improvement: Add job that cleans up deleted articles
  • Improvement: Link to the knowledge base now in the footer

6 January 2021

  • Improvement: As a content creator I want to have my transcripts checked for profanity before exporting subtitles of a track
    That's a cool update! Now we can check your transcript for profanities. So far we check those words in seven languages and more are coming! Profanities will be replaced by "****" and your videos can stay uncensored. 
  • Fix: Compound profanities are not getting caught
  • Improvement: As a dubbr user I want to get notified more intensely when STT has finished
  • Improvement: As a potential new user I want to be informed about how many AI minutes a plan offers
  • Improvement: Make the notification bar disappear after timeout
  • Fix: User can trigger stt when voice array is empty
  • Improvement: As a potential new user I want to have the message from my contact form being sent to the right people
  • Fix: An error is thrown when importing SRT cues to transcript when segments already exist
  • FIx: It occured that the upload of videos would not start
  • Improvement: You now can link your youtube channels to alugha and merge them legitimately.
  • Improvement: Vimeo Import Support
    That's a big update! Link your youtube or vimeo channels with your alugha producer page and merge your videos fast including titles, description, tags and thumbnails to alugha. Within seconds you have a solid base to turn your videos multilingual. 
  • Improvement: We cleaned up our plans page for you
  • Improvement: Add Machine Translation to skynet
    That's a big update! Wow! We added an awaited feature to our multilingual video workflow. While adding a new language to your video, you can choose if alugha is supposed to do the translation for you. You can define the language on which the translation should be based on and in a few seconds you have your meta data and transcript translated!





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