Apply for Google LocalGuide Event San Francisco 2016 #LGSummit16

Hi everyone, i´m Bernd Korz and this short film called “SANDWICH” is my submission to Google’s ‘Local Guide Summit 2016’. Everything that I do and create, I do and create so with passion and by conviction. I love my life and I love my surroundings. I am very compassionate and like to help people. It fulfills me doing so and when I started using Google maps and thus adding and complementing information for other users I found myself a new hobby. Travelling makes me see, feel and taste the world in a new way. And I like to share my experiences with the world. I would really appreciate being able to go on another adventure in San Francisco, meeting new people and discovering this wonderful city anew. Directed and edited by Arthur Rewak VFX: Manuel Ding Bernd Korz Double: Nico Korz Assistant: Umut Kaya Did you know? You can use alugha here on Youtube and switch between languages. All you gotta do is download the free internet browser add-on from the official browser store here: for Google Chrome: for Safari: Or our FREE app for Android:

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