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Managing multilingual video content is a hassle. Adding just one language to a video requires managing a team of transcription specialists, translators, voice over artists and quality assurance personnel.  Go multilingual with the dubbr: Create a free account now! Multilingual videos are the way to go, but costs and complications skyrocket with the traditional way of content localization. Juggling different translation and voice over teams is a resources and time consuming task prone to failure if processes are not dialed in. These problems increase with each additional target language and growing content portfolio. Thus, only a fraction of content is made accessible in multiple languages, depriving the public of the opportunity to ever come in contact with the full spectrum knowledge, wisdom and entertainment the world has to offer. Alugha offers an interlocked toolkit that can be used in full to cover the complete multilingualisation process from transcription over multi audio track voice overs to video hosting and distribution solutions. At the same time every element can be used as a standalone solution for any of your video hosting, transcribing, translating or voiceover production needs. Used as a solid and environmentally friendly videohoster, alugha will automatically encode your uploaded video into different formats and dimensions to always deliver the best option for the current screen size and network connection (also known as adaptive streaming). Coupled with a global network of 42 data centers alugha can offer a fast and high quality video streaming experience around the globe. Every video translation project starts with the transformation of the spoken to the written word. This process can be time consuming and challenging, depending on the clarity of the original audio. To aide in this process, we provide you with the option to create a first transcript via proprietary AI to do the heavy lifting, leaving you just with the correction and cosmetic changes of the automatically created transcript. For making the translation and subtitling process as efficient and painless as possible, alugha offers a slew of features like, side by side translation, different tracks for subtitle and translation and import and export in different formats like VTT/SRT. Additional team collaboration features enables whole translation and dubbing teams to work on the same videoproject to ensure scalability and minimal team management overhead. Creating the final voiceover in the required language normally requires expensive hardware and a plethora of tools and time until the final voiceover is ready. The dubbr did away with the old and complicated way of voiceover creation and offers a unified recording studio in your browser. Now you are able to directly record your voiceover in easy to work through sequences (called Segments) making the recording process straightforward and simple to jump in even for novices.

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