John Dewey’s 4 Principles of Education

There are only a few ideas that had as much of an impact on education as those of John Dewey. The American philosopher, psychologist and educator believed children to be active contributors and agents of their learning, and not just passive recipients of knowledge of previous generations. He believed that for knowledge to be acquired successfully, learning should be an experience. His Experiential Learning approach was based on four core principles. To find out what these are and how it works in real life, watch our video. Enjoy the sound effects with headphones on! 😊 🎧 #learn #dewey #theory This video was made with the support of our Patrons: Adam G, Raman Srivastava, Karl Luckwald, Daniel Kramer, Marq Short, Ronny Thomas Scripz, Muhammad Humayun, Ginger, Tsungren Yang, Esther Chiang, Badrah, Cedric Wang, Eva Marie Koblin, Broke, Jeffrey Cassianna, Sergei Kukhariev, Andrea Basilio Rava, Petra, Adèle D, kritik bhimani, David Markham, Don Bone, John Zhang, Mathis Nu, Julien DUMESNIL and all the others. Thank you! To join them visit Never miss a new video with our mailing list: Join and support us! Learn more / sources: John Dewey (1859—1952) Explanation of Dewey And Dewey's Philosophy Of Education Dewey’s philosophy on Experience and Education osophy-on-experience-and-education/ John Dewey on Education: Impact & Theory John Dewey’s Approach to Education Reformation of the Education System John Dewey’s View on Education John Dewey on Interaction Video collaborators: Script: Jonas Koblin Co-writer: Cameron Tan Drawings: Pascal Gaggelli Producer: Selina Bador Voice: Matt Abbott Sound design: Miguel Ojeda Coloring: Nalin Fish Editing: Peera Lertsukittipongsa Proofreading: Susan Quarm Production Assistant: Bianka Made with MinuteVideos Link to full script: For more videos and materials, visit our website: Link to our Patreon, if you would like to support what we do:

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