Introducing 'The Great Bin Swap' in the City of Greater Dandenong

Household waste and waste disposal is a real and growing environmental problem. That's why we are calling every local taxpayer for our homes in Greater Dandenong to contribute to our environment and consider using smaller, smaller, and 80-liter waste bins. To the environment more. Our current waste bins do not comply with Australian Standards Therefore, starting July 2014, the board will replace your old rubbish with new, compliant bins. If you reduce your bin to a new, smaller, 80-liter container, you will also receive your Housing Waste Tax reduction, a mandatory tax. Make a choice about your rubbish By the end of February, all local taxpayers for their property will receive a kit in the mail, asking you to make a selection out of several trash options.. You can also make your choices online. If you do not make a choice, you will be provided with a default option, a 120 liters bin, a 240 litres recycling bin and a 240 liters green bin. Town houses have a different default. You can find out more at The Great Bin Swap Brought to you by the Greater Dandenong City Council

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