The Active Learning Method

"Active learning" means you participate, collaborate with others, and apply concepts to the real world. It requires hard mental effort but leads to better retention and an understanding of the material that can be transferred to other situations. To explain how to apply Active Learning in classrooms, we collaborated with Professor Carl Wieman, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, who researches and champions the approach. Prof. Wieman helped us proofread, fact check and write the script — he was an invaluable source of information. It was our greatest honor to be able to work with a mind as bright as his. #activelearning Never miss a new video with our mailing list: Join and support us! Thanks to our patrons: Scripz, Muhammad Humayun, Ginger, Tsungren Yang, Esther Chiang, Badrah, Cedric.Wang, Eva Marie Koblin, Broke, Jeffrey Cassianna, Sergei Kukhariev, Andrea Basilio Rava, Petra, Adèle D, kritik bhimani, David Markham, Don Bone, John Zhang, Mathis Nu, Julien DUMESNIL and all the others. Thank you! To join them visit Script: Carl Wieman Script: Jonas Koblin Artist: Pascal Gaggelli Voice: Mithril Coloring: Nalin Editing: Peera Lertsukittipongsa Production Assistant: Bianka Made with MinuteVideos Support us: Join us: To read the full script: Sources, readings and tools: Carl Wieman on Active Learning Active learning in a classroom of 250 physic students Eric Mazur: Peer Instruction for Active Learning Study: Active learning leads to retention of 70% after 2 years minerva retention of classical instruction Promotion of Active Learning Deeper Learning Retention Transfer 10 Stats about retention Turn smartphones into clickers

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