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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Sprint #16 -  August 3 - August 17

  • Improvement →  The trash should open in the same tab as the archive
  • Fix & Improvement → When deleting an item in the archive the site function used to get mixed-up
  • Fix → A wrong status of the language tracks was displayed in the archive
  • Fix →  A border was missing when choosing your language in the dubbr
  • Improvement → The wizard is more compact

  • Improvement → Our dubbr is a registered trademark. We now included the logo on our press webpage:


Sprint #17 -  August 18 - August 31

  • Improvement → As video producer I want to choose the voice for text-to-speech for each language
  • That's a BIG update! We now have TTS on alugha available and therefore added a very helpful feature to our dubbr tool set

  • Improvement → We added links to our social media websites in the alucation footer
  • Fix & Improvement → finishTrackJob should not create mono downmixes. Some tracks turned mono after adding the background audio. The problem was burried deep in our code, but we found it
  • Improvement →  The alugha admin part was optimized
  • Improvement → We improved the German profanity filter. Sometimes it's difficult to separate good from bad words





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