Alugha Updates | March 2021 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to:

You can read up on the latest changes below.

30 March 2021

  • Improvement → Optimized our plans site to show net prices and different time plans
  • Fix & Improvement → Player does not leave "loading" state when switching account on SVP
  • Fix → Player does not leave "loading" state when coming to the dubbr for an uncached video
  • Improvement → Correct error / note for non-stackable codes from AppSumo
  • Fix → Switching between pages of different templates leads to blank pages
  • Fix & Improvement → Sitemaps for search engines and SEO optimized
  • Improvement → More improvements for displaying RTL on the whole alugha platform

16 March 2021

  • Improvement → UI: new dubber toolbar and header design
    That's a cool update! Our dubbr is getting more and more functions, you need to keep track. That's why we reorganized the toolbar. HAPPY! 

  • Improvement → UI: pretty dubbr product page
  • Improvement → Vinod is not only responsible for India, but can now be found on our team page
  • Improvement → Trigger e2e pipelines in gitlab CI
  • (Security)Fix & Improvement → Sanitize user-generated input before sending it via Mail
  • Improvement → Make the global table design resemble the mockup from
  • Fix → Videos are duplicated in the alucation video overview
  • Fix & Improvement → Loudness Normalization gets distracted when the start of a track has more than a second of silence
  • Fix & Improvement → Long user names break table layout on manager page
  • Improvement → Orange info header is on top of every modal
  • Fix → Overflowing modals don't get the space they need on firefox
  • Fix → Video without dubbing segments fails to finalize
  • Fix → Dubbr introduction tour is not showing up for new users
  • Fix → New layout breaks loading animation alignment
  • Improvement → STS response can have empty voices field
  • Improvement → STT import timeline is missing a divider between the rows
  • Fix & Improvement → As a producer I don't want to export silence
    That's a cool update! We made our workflow even easier. Exporting your audio you can now see how many segements are recorded.

  • Improvement → As a mobile User I want to see a pretty dubbr product page, too

2 March 2021

  • Improvement → Improve Account Management page
  • Improvement → adjusted product page for mobile devices
  • Fix & Improvement → Merge dubbed voices without losing loudness
  • Improvement → Enable end to end (e2e) testing
  • Improvement → new employees on team page
  • Fix & Improvement → improved the support for the Arabic language (RTL…)
  • Fix & Improvement →  Support chat button hovers lower button line on fullscreen modals
  • Improvement → dubbr:  Left and right columns don't align vertically

  • Fix → YT importer does not create thumbnails for videos anymore
  • Improvement → "Read more" Button on producer page is not looking too nicely with the 80% opacity
  • Fix → The redis client of graphql-server is not reconnecting on ECONNREFUSED errors
  • Improvement → As a user I want to have better insight on the accounts I'm managing
    This is a cool update! Our number of users making oder users to account managers is growing. To ensure a good overview we redesigned this section. 
  • Improvement → As a user I want to know when my trashed videos will be lost forever at some point





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