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Integrated degree students - alugha assumes responsibility

Alugha sets the next milestone and trains integrated degree students.

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When we don’t find the best on the market, we will just train them ourselves. Sounds crazy, is crazy - but doable. That’s pretty much how you can imagine things are at alugha. Next step: we are providing training for integrated degree program students

It’s time

We have been on the market for two years, are growing as healthily and cautiously as possible, and we assume responsibility. Education is important, and young people are the future of our country and our world. Here at alugha, we demand high standards of our new colleagues and we “step on the gas”. So there is not a lot of time to learn the ropes. You arrive, get your tasks and get started...well and that rather IMMEDIATELY.

But how do you find such people, such extraordinary personalities who dare to do that and accept the challenge? And here it gets even crazier :) We don’t only demand this from our “ordinary employees”. If you want to become an alughian then this also applies for a very early entry. We don’t find each other, we “attract” each other. That’s also how it happened with Niklas and Matthias!

Both of them set a new milestone for the Alugha GmbH in October, and we are particularly proud of that. We have assimilated these guys. We, alugha. Sharing knowledge and becoming a part of something really big, that’s what’s going to happen here. :-)

Niklas has been active for alugha since he’s 15. He did not only make significant contributions to several essential developments, he carried them out from beginning to end. His skills are already impressive, and so the integrated degree program in applied computer science was only a logical consequence. His talent is undoubted and his motivation is simply impressive, and an incredible asset to alugha. We are very proud that he chose us. He definitely had other options.

And what does Niklas have to say about this?

“As co-founder and originally first developer of alugha, it is only logical that I want to be a part of it as much as possible without neglecting my scientific education. So the integrated degree program at alugha seemed to me to be the best compromise. Through the studies, I hope to acquire a deeper mathematical understanding of computer science and its fields. But I especially hope for a positive influence on my personal development, as well as making a lot of new and interesting contacts. Another advantage of alugha is its vast range of cultures and languages, because I myself am a language enthusiast and, in this way, I want to keep my spanish skills sharp, and maybe learn other foreign languages as well.”

Our Matthias is another superweapon oozing with creativity. Does that guy sleep at all? He is so creative that we ask ourselves if he fell into a bucket of Photoshop and Premiere when he was a child. He also had other options but he chose us. Even though he has only just recently started his integrated degree program in media design focusing on film here, many of his videos can already be found on the alugha website. He always strives to give his best, is very self-critical, and he has the absolute will to do things right. When we are “done” with him, he will be so good that it will be hard to keep Hollywood away from him! :)

And what does Matthias himself say? 

“I started as web video producer for YouTube videos at alugha and more and more developed a bit interest in creatives - very soon also beyond such web video formats. Very soon I developed a passion for media design - especially film. And therefore I decided to study at university, and in the company I have already been working with, and where I could quickly grow my knowledge and I already felt well. I hope that I become even more professionell to be able to deliver high professional work as soon as possible.”

For both: You made the right decision and we will do everything, that you both will be one of the best in your areas! We are excited and look forward to the next three years with you! 

XOXO, your alugha Team! :-) 


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