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Alugha Updates | July 2021 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Not every sprint is a run for the gold medal. Sometimes you need to prepare youself for the big goal and this is what we did the last few weeks. Our preparations are not quite done yet, but we are heading in the right direction. Futhermore, our team took some time to charge their batteries in the warm summer sun after many moths of hard work. 

But enough chitchat, here are the changes of the last few sprints:

Sprint #13 -  June 23 - July 5

  • Improvement → Our onboarding wizard got some love and was optimized.
  • Improvement → We added TikTok to the producer page.
  • Improvement → Admins have a new backend. Now angular is history.
  • Fix → Links on VideoCards didn't work.
  • Improvement → Editing a user on the admin interface had the wrong format.
  • Fix & Improvement → The manu tab disappeared in the dubbr's side-by-side editor when scrolling.
  • Fix & Improvement →  Arrows in RTL format in Arabic showed in the wrong direction, not okay !

  • Fix → Well, that's unfortunate (for you). Although there should be limits on the number of tracks with certain plans, you were able to add as many tracks as you wanted. But we noticed. 
  • Fix & Improvement → The language menu for automated translations offered languages that aren't available. Now you'll only see the languages available which makes much more sense. 
  • Fix & Improvement → Some elements in the mobile version moved and overlapped sometimes. How strange. Now all looks fine again. 
  • Improvement → Multi backend support for AI. Sounds boring? No! It's absolute awesome! More about this will come soon. 

Sprint #14 -  July 6 - July 20

  • Improvement → As alugha dev I want to trigger TTS for the prototype.
  • Improvement → As video producer I want to delete the set end date. Makes sense, works now. 
  • Improvement → AppSumo code users seem to have special problems when redeeming their codes. So we adjusted our admin interface to find those users and codes and help more quickly. 
  • Fix → Dropping videos in the publisher didn't work properly - it always opened another webpage. This is in the past now. 
  • Fix → Adding a new language to your user profile wasn't saved. But now it will be. Go on. 

  • Fix & Improvement → In our last few videos, we noticed that the dubbr recorded some segments in mono which isn''t what we want. So our dev team had to dive in really deep to fix that problem and they did.
  • Improvement → Team page was updated.
  • Fix & Improvement → We fixed some small issue in the login process.

Sprint #15 -  July 20 - August 3

  • Improvement → We integrated some more details about our Sumlings in the admin interface.
  • Fix → We noticed that videos that had been exported in mp4 on smartphones couldn't be uploaded because of file differences. Instead of leaving the user hanging with no info, you now get an exact description of the problem. 
  • Improvement → The archive wasn't looking nice on small screens
  • Improvement → Links in the knowledge database weren't working.
  • Fix & Improvement →  Spaces before or after the password caused login problems. Normally, this should be known by users, but however, we fixed the issue. 
  • Improvement → The interface looked confusing when exporting audio tracks in videos with many language tracks. Now it's much better.  
  • Fix → The small things matter… choosing a language you sometimes saw this: “German ger)”. Now it looks like this: “German (ger)”.
  • Fix & Improvement → Our profanity filter was acting out and filtered words that aren't profanities. So we did some adjusments for a better AI. 
  • Fix & Improvement → If you separated a segment in half in the timeline you sometimes needed to reload the page several times before both new segments appeared again. How annoying! This won't happen anymore. 
  • Fix & Improvement → alugha now also looks good on the safari browser.
  • Fix & Improvement → The search filter didn't always show the language you were looking for. 





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