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Very important for high-quality, professional and meaningful videos: a good background image.

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You, as alugha users and producers, can design them in an incredibly fancy way! And not only that: you can even choose and use a different background image for each language! 

The background image should serve to support the key message of your video. Depending on the language, you can make the background image more understandable, or change it slightly and thus add variety to it. But you don’t have to design a background image for your video - if you don’t, our standard background image, which is pretty impressive, is used automatically. After adding the background images, you can see them immediately on alugha. 

Our personal tip: the individual background images can also have practical benefits which especially come into effect when film trailers are released: For example, you can put the release dates of the film in them. Thus, the viewers who didn’t watch the video until the end for some inexplicable reason (;-)) can still get important information!

Furthermore, you should remember that the title of the video should be easily readable. So don’t put too confusing patterns on this position. And don’t worry - if the background image should be too bright, we’re changing the font color automatically. In a flash, the readability is guaranteed. :-) 

Of course, it’s bad when the background image shows a meaningless moment of the video, not speaking for itself. It is good when the background image shows what is happening in the video in one picture. You can see a good example of that in the “Frozen” video, which we made multilingual for you. 

Given that the alugha player is, of course, the center of attention and thus in the center of the image, the background should take over the task of filling the “space around it”. Accordingly, you should let your imagination run wild on the right or left side of the player. 

Of course, we gladly reveal which dimensions bring the best possible result :-) 

Have fun! 


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