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“People may say I can’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing.” - Florence Foster Jenkins

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Today, the film which tells a true story about a quite extraordinary but definitely remarkable woman, is celebrating premiere: Florence Foster Jenkins. Her big dream: become an opera singer. What prevents her from doing so: her voice. This is where the dream would be over for most of us. Not for Florence. She adheres to it and moves heaven and earth to achieve her biggest dream. 

Where there’s a will …

Ever since she was a child, for Florence there is only one goal. She wants to become an opera singer. Although her voice is not made for it and her father is first explicitly unselling it to her and secondly refusing to support her financially, she’s not giving up. Florence lives her life, marries - and becomes infected with syphilis. Given that the sexually transmitted disease has been medicated with quicksilver and arsenic back then, she’s not only losing her hair, also her hearing and central nervous system get harmed heavily. After their separation, she gets to know St. Clair Bayfield, actor, and the two of them fall in love. He becomes her manager later and together with the talented pianist Comsé McMoon, Florence actually starts giving concerts. Therefor, she was smiled at by many, but also provides entertainment. And then there is the moment when she realizes her biggest dream: She performs in the Carnegie Hall in New York! 


Now this controversial and great woman was paid tribute and her story was filmed - with all the greats! There is no one less than Meryl Streep in the star role of Florence Foster Jenkins. Streep, Hugh Grant (St. Clair Bayfield) and Simon Helberg (Cosmé McMoon) build the core of the film, which is known worldwide. The film was produced in 2016 in Great Britain and celebrated premiere in April there. Now “Florence Foster Jenkins” comes to the German theaters. During nearly two hours, the audience becomes part of the life of Florence Foster Jenkins with all its ups and downs. Foster Jenkins herself died in New York in 1944. 


It is our pleasure to reveal some insider information about the film for you! First of all, we’re really happy about Simon Helberg shows being more than the Nerd Howard Wolowitz. This time, he shows that he is not only the damn funny series nerd from “The Big Bang Theory”, but also an actor which has to be taken serious!

According to rumors, Hugh Grants undertaking for the film is only due to Meryl Streep. Originally, he planned to end his acting career. But when he learned from the opportunity to make a movie with Meryl Streep, he revised his opinion! 

Apparently, Meryl Streep and Simon Helberg originally recorded all their songs in the studio before they started shooting. Since director Stephen Frears spoke out on music live on set, this is what happened: Streep is really singing herself, while Helberg plays the piano without double or playback. Wow! 

If you feel like watching a true story about a woman, who is finally floating against the stream: Off to the movie theater! 

A film which makes courage, generates euphoria and shows that dreams can come true, if you just believe in them hard enough! 

For you, we have the trailer - of course multilingual! 




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