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Sprint #20 - September 28 - October 12

  • Improvement → As a user I want my TTS to fit into the segments.
    That's a big update! It sounds unspectacular, but it isn't! Your segments are limited in length, this is also due to the fact that you can't just speak for longer in different languages. If you record yourself, you can adjust that for yourself. However, this has not been possible with TTS so far. We have now modified the algorithm so that even with TTS, what you say cannot be longer than your segment duration.
  • Improvement → As a user, I would now like to be able to download the video in the language.
    That's a big update! FWOW! Previously, we mixed a finished audio track of the new language track for you and made it available for download. You could use this at any time and, for example, publish your video in a single new language on other video platforms. Of course, this is always a small effort on your side to bring video and (new) audio together again. We have now built a (paid) function that allows you to download your video directly in the new language.
  • Improvement → No error message was displayed in case of problems when updating to a different plan. Unfortunate if you want to sell something and do support :(
  • Fix → The "About" field in the profile page didn't always update properly. Water under the bridge.
  • Fix → Cropped images were only visually cropped for the user, but not in the file. FAKENEWS! Er... no FAKE PHOTOS :) Now the image is really saved as you cropped it.
  • Fix → There were problems with the database for an individual track name. Really now!!! Chapter closed!
  • Improvement → There was no feedback in case of an error with the automatic translation. We are becoming more communicative.

Sprint #21 - October 12 - October 26

  • Improvement → As a customer, I would like to see quite early how much taxes will be due for my plan
  • Improvement → Automatic translation errors were not communicated to the user
  • Fix & Improvement → The player had an infinite loading animation when there was an error in the video manifest
  • Fix → If a user activated a profile on their profile page and did not edit it, an incorrect value was saved.
  • Improvement → TTS should have enabled the language of the active track when selected..
  • Fix → Firefox 93 on macOS prevented the dubbr from controlling an external microphone. Psssst are you back now? Yeah Man!
  • Improvement → Added the different payment options on the plans page.
  • Improvement → The number of calls per language have moved from our Go server to GraphQL.
  • Improvement → From now on, all photos from the recycle bin will be deleted automatically after 14 days.
  • Improvement → You would like to know how the TTS voice sounds that you can select? Logo! We have implemented it.

  • Fix → After publishing an article, the page crashed. Wow! Really?! You're writing your fingers to the bone, you're super happy, you click on publish and want to view the page and share the link... And what does alugha do? Crashes! That's not possible, is it? Well, enough of getting upset, it's fixed!
  • Fix → Some users were unable to upload videos because they had allegedly reached the limit of their plan. Between you and me... no one has ever managed that! So alugha was just spouting nonsense and we fixed it. Pubertal streak!





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