Let's talk! What's the thing with word acrobatic, Sarah?

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My name is Sarah. I studied German, theatre, film and media science in Frankfurt and I have always been juggling with words. If print or online journalism, public relations or social media - as a little bundle of energy I try to build an atmospheric image of every text.

How did you come to alugha?

I already worked for a startup years before, but in the fashion business. Honestly, I have to say that in the beginning I was a bit planless about the internet startup industry. Because I finished university some time ago I wanted to improve myself and I looked for a job which could be suitable for me. So, by accident I had the chance to join alugha.

What’s your function at alugha?

Like I said, my roots are in journalism. We already have a great agency which is handling our public relations. As an online editor I’m writing blog articles and I’m responsible for everything related to that. I also take care of alugha’s social media actions. No matter which platform, I always try to keep you up to date.

What do you like about the work?

I like the fact that I can devide my time freely. A good scheduling is everything for me. Texts have to be researched and the reader should benefit from them. I also like to work in a small team where everyone helps each other. Teamwork is important and works brilliantly in our company. I can always come up with new ideas. This is resulting in things like the alugha advent calendar or little interesting articles.

If you think about future, where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?

Thats a difficult question. Because I think that alugha is a great tool which is interesting for companies and private video blogger it might be everywhere in ten years.

How important is online communication via social media?

I think that online communication via social media is very important. Communication is changing more and more within our society. Humans are communicating in different ways. Where television or newspapers have been the biggest medium in the past the internet is taking over. Today online media offer a new opportunity to get in touch with customers, prospects or to get to know the needs and desires of people. Day by day we can learn something new and we can see how fast the world is changing. That is very exciting, I think.

The last point is about big dreams, what are they?

My biggest dream is to travel all over the world, getting as many impressions as I can. Best thing would be if this dream could be combined with a job that I could do anywhere in the world. This leads back to the keyword internet… ;)

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