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My name is Weijing Mao and I’m from China. Communication design is my passion and therefore I'm supporting alugha's creative team as an intern.

Wow, how did it happen that you live so far away from home, which is surely not that easy?

Yes, that’s a difficult topic. First and foremost, I wanted to build up and improve my design skills. Connecting this wish with getting to know new cultures and broaden the horizon, is just perfect. In China life is different. You have to consider that I lived with my parents until I finished my studies. Sure, that was comfortable, but I always felt I need to become more independent. That’s when I decided the experience of living without parents would be important to me. The feeling of beeing independent and having to deal with the daily routine in a foreign country is just awesome. Of course, the first year was very hard. Everything changed: suddenly there were no friends, no family, I didn’t like the food and I had problems with the language. Meanwhile, I'm in my second year and I can say that everything has improved.

What’s your relationship with alugha?

Last summer holiday, when I was looking for an internship, I saw alugha’s offer and directly sent my application papers. Shorty after that I had my first job interview. And guess what: I was lucky enough to become a part of the creative team.

What’s your function at alugha?

My tasks combine all areas of visual design, like corporate design, web design and creating icons up to the point of advertisement.

What do you like about the work?

I love the freedom! alugha is a creative place and new ideas which are emerging in my mind can be gradually transferred to reality with the help of the team. Also the working atmosphere is really very relaxed.

If you think about future, where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?

alugha will be very popular in ten years time. I’m sure that in the future, especially the saving of space and resources will be increasingly important. This will be the important topics for the people and there improvements will happen. Should I still have the opportunity of having a great job, I'll maybe even stay in Germany. Everything is possible.

How important is a good online apperance? Is it a business card or can you neglect it if the product is good?

The Internet can increase the popularity of a company, Information can be distributed and customer connectivity will be gained. If the product is good, the company becomes a brand and achieves influence in the market. This is a virtual business card.

The last question is about big dreams, what are yours?

I want to open up a design studio, to create Design in my very own style.

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