Steffen Petri - alugha and its student trainee no. 1

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Today we happily present the second interview of our new series “alugha - Who we are…” This time our student trainee Steffen. .

Have fun reading!

What’s your name? Steffen Petri

How old are you? Still 24

Where are you from? From the beautiful Worms.

What’s your marital status? Not married, but in solid enjoyable hands

What’s your profession? Student / Web Designer at alugha

What are your hobbies? Guitar, bass and drums are my passion. I am currently playing the bass in a rock band and I sing. When I'm home alone, I like to play guitar, drums, ukulele and keyboard. Besides that I enjoy my Playstation, preferably RPGs and story based shooters.

Do you have pets, if yes, what kind? A great mongrel. Don’t really know what kind but it looks like a mini Golden Retriever.

What’s your favorite sports? I like to watch hockey, actively i prefer a relaxing round of swimming.

What’s your favorite food? Spaghetti Carbonara

What’s your favorite drink? The good old water

What kind of music do you hear? I like any kind of music if it is well made. I prefer music played on real instruments. Tendency is Rock, properly and hand made like Foo Fighters or Papa Roach. I also like 80's and 90's heavy metal.

What’s your favorite movie? Consequently, I really like any kind of music films, top of the list being „Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny“ and „Scott Pilgrim vs. The World“. If I'm in a more serious mood, I enjoy a thoughtful thriller or action film like „Unknown Identity“ with Liam Neeson or various films of Martin Scorsese (Shutter Island, Departed…).

Who is your favorite actor? I am fascinated of Leonardo DiCaprio's capability to play totally broken guys and dysfunctional characters. You just believe him. Top of my favorites are Jack Black and Jason Segel because they are seem to be cool cats and give the impression that they are as cool when the cameras are off.

What’s your favorite colour? A solid green, forgot the HEX-RGB-Code.

What was your best experience? Boah, that’s difficult… I would say my semester abroad in the USA, which increased my horizon incredibly. It made myself a better, self-sufficient human. I had a great time that I will never experience in that way again.

Which 3 things would you take to a lonely island? My ukulele, my laptop and something that provides me with endless energy.

Which computer system do you use? At home a self-made PC, a little old though. For work, I have to get something new quickly, my 11” netbook isn’t really handy.

Which smartphone/tablet do you use? Sony XPeria P in black

Which software do you use? I’m a Windows user out of habit. For web programming, I use Sublime Text 3, better than any editor I used before.

Which video platform do you use? Mainly YouTube and MyVideo

Which search engine do you use? Google - exclusively

Which social network do you use? Facebook, Google+, Xing, Twitter und BackstagePro

What’s your favorite news page?

What’s your favorite sports page? Er…

Which other pages do you like?,,

How did you get to alugha? Through my super friend from studies, Bernd

What’s your area of tasks at alugha? I transfer the graphical and technical design visions into code.

How would you describe your workflow? More chaotic than I would actually like to admit but still focused. I have the tendency of wanting to solve 5 problems in one go. Which then looks a bit like defragmentation in Windows - add one block here, another new block there but if you look at if from far you can see the direction it’s heading to.

What do you like at alugha? It’s a service, the world was waiting for. Often I asked myself why no one before had the idea of embedding audio tracks into a video.

Where do you alugha in 2 years time? At any rate, in the top of the generally known web services. If not, it is property of one of the big internet companies.

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