alugha is getting even greener: Default language as new feature!

Basis for this example is the famous trailer of „Frozen“ from Disney (article). English is the original language, and there are 29 additional languages available. With these 30 languages the trailer became a perfect example for alugha. The English trailer published on the Disney Channel has been viewed 230 Million times. All additional languages became around 80 Million clicks…. So in total about 310.000.000 views(really impressive).

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It’s generally known that you have to upload the video plus audio track to YouTube (all in one file). In our previous alugha system we also had to publish the English track (as shown in our “Frozen”-Example). In this case we generated a traffic of about 230.000.000 * 5MB (size of the audio track) = 1.150.000 MB = 1096 TByte! This could have a massive impact to our server and generate unnecessary data traffic. If you consider that we are only talking about one single video, it could get dizzy in the future. Our main goal is to make the Internet greener, so we had to optimize this.

If you now provide a video in alugha you first set the video language:


On the page where you enter he languages, the title and the description you also see a note regarding the original/standard language:


We had to extend the system to make this work. If a viewer now clicks on a video in its original language, this will be “looped” through in our player to the original video. The same applies for the title and the description (if you access the video via YouTube and if you have installed the extension).

Besides the traffic aspect, the publisher saves another step to provide his videos multi-lingual via alugha, he saves a complete language and the work required for that. A real benefit for everyone involved.

Default Language is one of the biggest and most important new functions, which we had on our To-Do-list for a long time. It’s a pleasure for us that we could finally build this in!

Within the next 8 weeks we will have more important amendments which we are currently working on.

Stay Tuned!

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