Job offer: We are looking for you to make videos multilingual

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You will search for interesting videos on YouTube (like movie trailers…) that are available in more than only one language. Then you care that we have those additional languages in a MP3 and you gone add it into our backend/uploader. Beside this you also translate (get the right text) for the title and the description. Once you are done with this you make sure that the world will get attention of your great work and spread it over our blog, Facebook, twitter, Google+… A good sample for you is X-Man, check it out here. We expect you to:

We leave it to you to decide if you want to work from home, our office or where ever you want, we are really flexible here! And it is also ok for us if you are a

For us the factors mentioned in the first list are important. We will show you exactly what we are looking for and we also give you an exact plan how to do the dubbing, where to get the tools and all additional informations you need for the videos. If you are interested now feel free to contact us and please also give us some informations like:

We are looking forward to numerous letters!

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