alugha lists videos using alugha

If you are looking for a music video then you can see it in the menu item Videos->, then you will find all videos they use alugha with. Beside this you can also search for a specific language like Spanish. If you are searching for this term you will find all videos, dubbed with spanish and using alugha.

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You may find out that there are not all categories you can find on YouTube are listed by now in our menu, this is because we do not have videos in those missed categories. As soon as you or someone else is going to produce a video which is also using alugha, we will publish the category and (of course) your video. You should really consider this as this is a win-win situation, your channel name and the video(s) gets listet on our website and you will get more attention.

If you have any further requests, criticisms and suggestions here, please let us know!

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