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channels (and with this also the upgrowth)?. Beside this fact you also have to care about both channels which means a lot of additional work in planing, production, publication...

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If you use alugha everything will focused on only one channel, you simple put an english audio track onto your Spanish video and you encourage your viewers to install alugha (for free of course), benefit from multilingual support in your video(s) and view them in English. Now you only have one channel which viewers can subscribe to, everything will be focused on this one. For you this means you get a lot less work with far better success for the future. Your traffic will increase, your videos will get more attention for the audience and become more attractive for YouTube and the advertising network.

If you run a blog you could let your visitors even watch the videos multi lingual without having installed the alugha extension/plugin, you just use our own video player to embed the video(s) into your article. How this works we explained here.

Why don't you just give it a shot and check out our basis package? It is totally free of use for you! Start to increase your YouTube network... now!

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