Package and cost overview

We placed great emphasis on the fact that you can easily and comfortably use alugha - without running into a cost trap! Therefore, even our free Basic package offers you numerous possibilites to gain access to alugha’s benefits. By using the Basic package you reach more viewers in many more countries and therefore enlarge your targetgroup enormously.

The following details relate to a current month. We will not delete current and previously produced languages!


  • Up to 3 videos
  • 30min total duration
  • Default language + 1 additional
  • 128k Opus / 192k AAC Audio
  • Stereo Sound
  • No Stats
  • No share of ad revenue
  • No mininum term
No extra language
No extra video


  • Up to 8 videos
  • 80min total duration
  • Default language + 2 additional
  • 192k Opus / 256k AAC Audio
  • Stereo Sound
  • Statistics
  • 40% share of ad revenue
  • Mininum term: 12 months
€14,90* / month
€1,29* / extra language
€5,99* / extra video


  • Up to 30 videos
  • 300min total duration
  • Default language + 10 additional
  • 256k Opus / 320k AAC Audio
  • Surround Sound (480k Opus)
  • Statistics
  • 60% share of ad revenue
  • Mininum term: 12 months
€79,90* / month
€0,99* / extra language
€4,99* / extra video

*All prices are considered plus 19% VAT for in Germany residing Traders and Non-Traders (Private persons / Consumers) as well as for consumers residing in an EU-Country. Traders residing in an EU-Country are legally bound to declare the respective VAT in their country by themselves. For Traders and Consumer neither residing in Germany or the EU, the prices are applicable without VAT.

alugha receives the right to place its own advertisements and / or advertisements of third parties before, after or during the playing time of the User videos. When the user subscribes to a charged package, he gets a share in the advertising revenue according to the following distribution:

  • Pro package: 40% of the advertising revenues are credited to the user.
  • Premium package: 60% of the advertising revenues are credited to the user.

We alugha for you!

You may only have one or two multilingual videos you would like to publish via alugha but you don’t want to create an account? No problem, we alugha for you! For the one-off amount of 79,90€* plus 10,00€* per language you like to offer, we will create your multilingual video. The video duration therefore is unlimited and additional languages can easily be added afterwards. The procedure is really simple, you just send the link to your video and give us the necessary audiofiles (meaning the audio tracks) as well as title and description (in the respective language) and we build everything together and forward the embedcode to you. Now, you have your multilingual video!