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keywords (tags). Based on this information YouTube recognizes pretty well what it is exactly. For a potential advertising partner it is also crucial, how many subscribers, channel visits and total views of videos a video producer have to offer.

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The affiliate

An advertising partner creates an advertisement in AdWords, here he determine how much it is worth for him to click on an advertisement  and how it should be displayed (in front of the video, while the video is playing or after the video, the right side to the video or as an overlay during of the video). As next he can also specify how far the topic is supposed to be, which still classifies the advertising of relevant or what topics are the advertisement may be displayed.

The audience

The viewer goes directly to a channel, or via search, or directly to a video page to watch a video. YouTube analyzes based on his IP address from which country the visitor comes and further verifies the browser language setting. If the audience have a YouTube (or Google+) account and is also logged in, YouTube can the place of residence, age and sex (if those information is also entered).

Let's playing now a scenario by using a fictitious viewer:

Peter, male, 44 years old, very often viewing videos about Mac OS X, set his browser to German and lives in Hamburg. He is looking at a video which explains how he can upgrade his MacPro with an SSD hard drive.

We now have the age, gender, language, topics, video title, video keywords, IP address ... Based on this information YouTube can now look in its database, which advertising partners may have "called" for these properties. The advertisement displayed now probably have a very high chance to arouse interest.

Use of alugha

How can alugha now increase your advertisement revenue? This is really easy! If you use more than one language you can reach lot more audience and so your video may get a lot more views. Due this you get a more attractive partner for affiliates, for YouTube and the audience itself. alugha does not change anything on all the steps YouTube does to analyses the viewer, so they still get the right IP address, the browser language and all the relevant information to place the best advertisement inside your video. If Peter now is watching a video from the USA which supports German (done with alugha) he will get 99.99% a German commercial placed on the video.

Based on this fact you can get lot of attention with only one video and increase your revenue dramatically.

Ergo? Go ahead, add a language track to your video, it is as simple as we say here and done very fast. It will bring you really a lot!

Stay tuned...

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