What is the cost alugha actually?

Based on this informations we created a Basis-Package which contains the following values. Keep in mind that every start of a month we reset those values and you can start by zero and - of course - all you uploaded/used alugha for will stay available :):

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5 videos

Every months you can add alugha to another five of your videos.

40 minutes

How exactly you would like to use that time is totally on you. You could use it for five videos and each eight minutes or two videos each 20 minutes… You have 40 minutes till the end of a months for all audio tracks you added together.

2 languages each video

While we spoke with all the people about the alugha project it turned out that most of them would like to offer an alternative language, specially when they were no English driven channels. So for them it was important to have, beside their mother tongue, English as second audio track. You upload your video to YouTube with the mother tongue and use alugha to add the English (or any other language / dialect) dubbing and get a far bigger audience range as you now offer two languages.


As we do not charge you anything for this we can only offer you support via our forum, here other users help you as well as we are active also, we always will find a solution for your issues and needs. Beside this we place a small alugha logo inside the player which you cannot disable by default and you do not have access to our internal analytics tools which is starting up from the silver account. We have to do it this way because of our resources.

But let us tell you that with the basis package you can work and do all you need and increase your revenue! If just one video per months, use it for one months, for a year, or forever… If you have the impression that the basis package fits perfect into your needs…go with it! If you see how your channel grows and you want get even more out of alugha you can just upgrade to to the next level: Silver-Package. It is very cheap and can increase your income a lot. Check out the price range here.

If you are not sure about other packages or you may have questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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