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Based on all this informations - and this a lot of people often wondering about :) - YouTube shows commercials to you that you really want/need/looked for. This fact also leads to an issue a lot of extensions have to fight with. Some of them just break the way of this homogen system and in the end it could happen, that you get annoyed by advertisement you are absolutely not interested in at all. If this case happens it is simple bad for you as a producer as you get less clicks... and this means your income shrinks and your video gets less and less attractive for partners.

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In fact the argument of getting lot of advertisement revenue is not to ignore, the opposite is the case. Most YouTub producers do all this immense work for free and the only way of getting some "return of investment" is the revenue from the advertisement. We at alugha took this also as a very serious case and made sure that this chain we spoke about above will not be broken in any case. What ever your audience is watching in which language ever alugha will make sure, all important informations still get handled by YouTube only. What exactly does this mean now for you?

For your audience nothing will change at all, they still have their IP address, they still have their cookies, and they still forward all relevant informations to YouTube. So lets say one is watching a video about car repairing and before he also was looking for special oil for his engine. YouTube will use this informations and collect them into a very decent advertisement and in this case it may be that your viewer get a commercial from a garage close to his area or a special deal from an oil producer.

So if you do your language in more than one language it can reach a lot more people. Lets show this in a sample and say you did a Video about a Jailbreak. Your mother tongue is French and you may reach around 200k on viewers for your video, of course this also depends on the popularity of your channel. Let's say you got for a similar video around 150k on clicks and you made € 450 with the video. Now you are dubbing the video with English and you can reach another 500k on viewers worldwide. This number we use as basis as your original French video got 150k and got performed quite well so far. Now you got € 300 for 100k clicks and we can multiplicity this 5 times which means you did an extra of € 1500 for not more than 20 minutes of work and only ONE video!

So you've killed two birds with one stone:

  1. You will not disappoint your French audience as you still do the video in your mother tongue and

  2. you reach a LOT more audience worldwide with the same video and you have no split to many single videos anymore.

But even with smaller numbers the success of alugha is immediately an argument for you as even with the 1/10th of this numbers you still would have made € 150 within 20 minutes of extra work... this hourly earnings one have to make first :)

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