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Today, movies are an experience. Imagine you have a YouTube channel that offers movie trailers. Normally you only get visitors which are from your own country or speak the same language. What is with all the other visitors? They go the the provider/channel which offers the video in their language.

Movie trailers in English and rapidly get millions of clicks while trailers in other languages get only between 10.000 clicks and one million clicks. If you are now a provider which uses alugha, you can increase your clicks in your own channel.

Game Trailer

Games are a real adventures nowadays. They are stories you could even see in the movies. Games become films and films get converted to games. With games it is the same as with the films. You can just accept the split into various languages and different channels. Just use alugha and show everything in an x-amount of languages on your own channel.

This applies to games you programmed yourself as well as indie-games. Imagine you port retro-games onto various plattforms and you want to promote them. Already, while developing you use multiple-languages, so why not do the same for your promotional video? It is important to get as many clicks as possible on your video. This is the only way to show how attractive it is.

Tutorial Videos

It is hard work to make a tutorial video, even in your own language. It is troublesome you are getting subscribers and your channel grows slowly but constantly. Knowledge is a global language and why not provide your knowledge to people who don't speak your language? In general you can make the same videos again, cut them, re-upload them, and make the texts and market viral, but you do have more work to do that and if it comes to the worse you will be your own competitor, because you split clicks on to various videos.

So, why not using alugha, and just insert another languge track, which you can upload to alugha and which will generate viewers all over the world and make you even more successful. Normally you need 4-5 hrs to provide a video in a second language, now you might need 30 minutes.

Dubbing of old videos

YouTube is cool and has a lot of functions. alugha starts where YouTube cannot help anymore. Right now you can dub your videos on YouTube but only with songs YouTube allows.…

Imagine you uploaded a video and you got the first 1.000 clicks until you notice that you made a mistake with saying something in the video. You will have to take it offline and you will have to upload a new video with the changes. Now you have to start over again to promote your video as the previous clicks are gone theoretically. Thanks to alugha you can just change the languagetrack and nothing has to be changed to your video. You save time, work and your video keeps its success.

What if you uploaded a video years ago, or if the audio of a new video is not good? Dubbing via YouTube is not possible, but thanks to alugha this is no problem anymore.

Music Videos

The perfect example is the band Annagramm ( The band writes strong lyrics and is an asset for the German Electropo scene. One day Anna and Chriss started to sing their songs in other languages as well and so made a new song i.E. Klipp Klapp in German, Russian, Spanish and Englich (and more). Anagram found that alugha is so impressive that you have one video and just play the song directly on one video in different languages.

Not only did Anagramm have this idea, there are various songs of people like Robbie Williams, Scorpions, U2, Falco, Xavier Naidoo, Adam&Eve, Phil Collins, Trio, Herbert Grönemeyer, Rammstein and more in different languages.

Global and Political Speeches

There are so many speeches from the past which moved the world and can now be watched on YouTube to keep the past alive. Especially nowadays, where there are many of politically unstable regions in this world and where the UN discusses how you have to deal with it, we have more and more important speeches from the political leaderships of different countries, like the President of the USA, the German Chancellor, the President of the Russian Federation, and other politicians.

Thanks to alugha those speeches can be translated into a lot of languages and can be provided all over the world. Finally everybody can understand the whole message and get an own opinion on whats going on. Even global Speeches from people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Casto, and many more, which can still be watched in the original language, can be translated in various possible languages.

Fold Contributions

In Universities, in Meetings, in Trainings, …… constantly there are new fold contributions around the world. Why not share this knowledge globally? Especially in the area of medicine, in which we should understand 100% of what's being taught, alugha will provide strength.

Films and Documentaries

Today the internet is very important for film & television. A lot of films are provided in different languages on online portals like YouTube. Lets take Sponge Bob or Disney Films as an example…. these films can provided to viewers in various languages thanks to alugha.

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