alugha speaks even more languages

Another milestone in our development is reached! When we started with the coding of alugha we wanted make sure, that as much languages as possible are covered with alugha and this goal was reached fast. Once the first videos got added to alugha we came across the first video from Walt Disney... even till then all went fine. We were just excited that Disney really cares about foreign languages so well and localized their movies into so many of them.

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With our second Video (Aladin) we recognized that we really had to make enhancements in case of our language support. Disney delivers Alain in the same language just for different regions. So Portuguese got  done for Brazil as well as Portuguese for Portugal... Time to get this "little" thing into alugha as well. In order to become alugha even more flexible, we have implemented the ISO 639-3 (get the table here)  and support really all languages ​​and their regions. We hope that we can provide you with an even better tool available in order to continue to expand your audience and operate country-specific.

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