Weekly technical update 4/3

It ain't over till it's over! We are continuously working on alugha and we are not getting tired to add bug fixes and new features. After we deployed the 1.0 we decided that from now on we gonna give you an overview of all those new updates we did during the week every Friday!

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We started last Friday and here you will find the list of our latest fixes and updates:

As you can see, it's progressing! We are always very happy about your feedback and we are not getting tired improving alugha every single day. If you haven't installed our extension yet, do it now and get it here, then you can use alugha directly on YouTube and watch multilingual videos! You can also subscribe to every single producer channel or register yourself for FREE on alugha so that you are always up to date about new videos from your favorite video producers! How that works? Just click here! Still not a producer? Come and check our FREE basic account which fits most video producers around and gives a good impression about what you can reach with alugha!

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2020 was particularly difficult because of the Covid 19 crisis, however, our team has shown tremendous resilience and in 2021 Archos intends to surprise with new innovations and an improved business model. We will invite our shareholders in early Q2 2021 for a presentation of our strategy plan.