StreamingMedia East in New York - the first "real" show for us?

By now we’ve been on various StartUp Conferences like the in Turkey was our first try of attending a big fair, admittedly it was “exciting” for us but we did not really fit, which meant continue searching. With the CES in Las Vegas in January it became much better and we felt more comfortable concerning the target groups and target country, particularly as we decided to become more active in the USA.

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As we were already in the USA and with the CollisionConf in Las Vegas not too far away from one of the biggest and most awesome cities of the world, and as New York was more or less on our “return-trip”, it was the perfect stop-over to us. The  StreamingMedia East is a fair exclusively for video content, producers and everything else regarding streaming and online videos. The question if we’ve now been on THE fair where we were absolutely meant to be for the first time, could already be answered after one hour on site: Yes, absolutely! This is perfect! Already the first exhibition day showed the big difference between quantity and quality, so diverse broadcasters from all over the States came to us to get alugha explained in detail. We directly had enquiries of potential investors and (once more) a very revealing talk with Amazon. With about 20 business cards in our pockets and an - indeed very exhausting but - successful exhibition day behind us we went happily back to our hotel. The first day was from 9 am - 5 pm, the second day should only be from 10 am - 4 pm. If the time would be enough to have further exciting talks with promising people? Although already 10 am, the day started very relaxed, only one short presentation until 11 am. Throughout the day we had again about 20 - partly outstanding - talks. So that we had the possibility to talk to leaders of two Global Players. Both came to us because they got told they absolutely had to see alugha. After giving a very detailed presentation and an even more detailed “Q&A session” in each case, we all agreed that alugha has unbelievable potential. One of them has a strong interest in further talks and the other one even considered a potential big-size invest. (more about it in the near future :). Besides visiting the fair we took the chance to meet up with an exciting PR agency to ultimately conquer the US market and be present in the local media. Our conclusion is pretty clear; the fair was a big success and it was the absolute correct decision to attend it. Now, we will boost alughas action on the US market and get alugha into the international focus.

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