Trends in the world of online-videos

Online-videos are the future! Not only marketing experts agree to that. No matter which purpose they are used for, if education and training, strengthen the brand or generation of new customers - nothing happens without YouTube etc. Even Facebook recognized that and establishes itself more an more as independent video platform.

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Unbroken is also the consumption of online-videos on mobile devices. A study of Comscore says, that in February 2014 nearly 80% of the German online population consumed videos on laptops or pcs - means only 20% was watched mobile. An actual study of TNS Infratest ordered by Google assumes that already 50% of all YouTube-videos are being watched on mobile devices in Germany. So the statistics.

But what does this tell us about future trends and what are the driving forces that make online videos more attractive? That the number as well as the consumption on mobile devices will increase, is pretty certain. The spectrum, focussing on marketing, spreads out from video-marketing-automization up to digital-first-programming.

A few trends, that companies who emphazise their online-appearance with videos, can’t get away with:

  • Stronger concentration on mobile - less focus on mass-marketing

As the mobile usage of videos is increasing unbridled, companies will have to realize their online strategy quickly, introduce digital-first-programming, collect and analyze data. They will interact with their users, to always and everywhere provide them with the desired video-content. Companies now have the possibility to match their online activities with individual needs. If a consumer likes this or is bugged by it, is a different topic. The target is customized advertising for everyone instead of flooding the masses with advertising that is only interesting to a few. This also applies to online-videos. The bounce rate of advertising videos, currently more than 90%, has to be reduced to a minimum. There is much room for improvement!

  • Automation in online-video-market

The target above all is customer acquisition. By the automated supply of similiar content the video reach will be increased and new customers are approached. In the simplest case I click red running shoes of Nike for example and directly get a selection of videos and advertising content showing red running shoes of Adidas and others. The configuration is of course much more complex, as it is the further semantic development of the Web.

  • Premium videos

Video quality - Thank God! I have to say - plays a crucial role. The days are over, where the industry could upload bad quality videos, main point the content fitted. Those who want a premium audience - in plain text a solvent audience - have to provide premium-videos.

  • Last but not least - multilingual videos

Video marketing offers various possibilities to every company, no matter if it’s a small start-up, a medium-sized company or a big enterprise, every company is able to position itself authentically. To be on top of the search-engine ranking and to drastically increase the video reach, companies will have to rely on multilingual videos. Instead of uploading 10 times the same video in different languages, there will be only one video with 10 or more audio tracks. Companies thereby save a lot of money, time and other resources, like storage space.

In this scenario, we, the Mannheim start-up alugha, will have a key role. Worldwide we are the first to provide a platform to easily produce and publish a multilingual video according to “1 video / countless languages”. (

That also small video producers will benefit from it, will show the interview with Tom Papadhimas. Stay tuned!

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