1st movie, 1st festival, 1st price – About the development of "Berndout"

Five months ago, Arthur and Bernd had the opportunity to fly to the US on behalf of alugha in order to visit several start-up exhibitions. Arthur recognized the golden opportunity offered to them: three days prior to departure, he spontaneously suggested to use the days off between the exhibitions to start shooting a movie. Bernd was immediately hooked.

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And action! The realization of the short movie project

No sooner said than done: A few days later Arthur and Bernd stood in the sheer vastness of the Mojave Desert shooting their first scene. Subsequently, they watched and cut the footage for hours - and they were thrilled about the result. The first two minutes of the movie, in which Bernd meets an alien in the middle of the desert, were finished.
From then on it was clear: it should become a complete short movie. In cooperation with the alugha team in Germany, the story was further developed. Bernd and Arthur shot more scenes and the rest of the footage was produced at home in Germany.

The participants of the alugha team

With Arthur as director and Bernd as lead of the movie, two important roles were occupied, but the production of a short movie requires more. 3D animator Manuel Ding, developer Steffen Petri together with video and organisation artist Katarzyna Paruszweska made the team complete. The alien, which painted the town red with Bernd in Las Vegas, was brought to life by Manuel: he animated the extraterrestrial in 3D. Steffen was in charge of the sound - thanks to him, “Berndout” is available in Dolby Digital. Katarzyna took care of the production management. Also involved from the alugha team was Daniel Kilian who took over the English dubbing of the bartender.
Manuel, Katarzyna and Arthur wrote the screenplay and drew some sketches together.

What is it about?

The subconsciousness of Bernd, who is stretched thin in everyday life, pulls the plug. It shows him in a fascinating way that life is not all work.
So he ends up in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas, goes on tour through Las Vegas with an alien and eventually finds himself again.

“Berndout” rewarded at the international short film festival BermudaShorts

The time had come at the international short film festival BermudaShorts in Mannheim from September 23-26, 2015: “Berndout” premiered in Cineplex’ cinema hall 3. A total of 27 short movies from all over the world were shown... including Haifa (Israel), Qingdao (China) and Windsor (Canada). The audience and the expert panel each awarded one winner. “Berndout” convinced the audience and received the audience award, which we are very proud of :-)
Apart from the presentations of the short movies, specialized workshop were held with international speakers. Even our CEO/CTO Bernd held such a workshop. It was about global reach via multilingual online videos and the alugha tool itself. We are pleased about the positive feedback we received and that so many people showed interest in the topic.

Further festival visits in planning

The BermudaShorts festival was only the beginning. In the coming weeks and months, more festivals will be visited with “Berndout”.

After the end of the festival tour (expected early next year) the complete short film will be released - of course multilingual: in German, English and Klingon.
Until then: anticipation is the greatest pleasure :-)


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