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Let’s talk! Sabrina, our coding fairy in the developer team

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Hello, my name is Sabrina. Recently, I finished my studies of computer science in the masters program Mobile Computing, and now I’m working in the field of software development at alugha.

Which three keywords best describe you?

bookworm, reticent, sporty

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

For my stamina, I go dancing, swimming or once in a while inline skating. It’s important for me to regularly spend time with my friends and my family – we often have movie- and/or game nights for example. Apart from that, I like to take a book and read something.

What lead you to alugha?

Bernd, Steffen and Christian and I studied together at the university. Therefore, I already heard of alugha a while ago and thought that the idea behind the company is very interesting. When I came across the job offer from alugha, I didn’t hesitate for long :-)

What are your tasks? Did the things you learn at university prepare you well or are there differences?

As software developer, I implement the ideas of the creative division. My studies indeed prepared me to some extent, but there are several differences as well.
For example, different programming languages and other tools, for which you have to learn the ropes first, are used.

What do you especially like about developing and what drives you nuts?

The exciting thing about my job is to see how the implementation or page develops more and more – until an initial idea is actually turned into reality.
I think there’s nothing which can drive me nuts very easily. It’s annoying if you get stuck at one point for a long time and no progress is recognizable, but that just requires patience, which I have (usually ;-) ).

What is your first impression of the work at a alugha?

It’s a company with interesting people and a lot of innovative ideas. There’s great solidarity and everybody is working with passion.

The last point is about big dreams – do you have some?

To stay healthy, have a lot of fun at work and thereby always discover and develop something new. In addition, I want to experience a lot of nice and exciting things in my free time as well.

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