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The device was nothing but clear: something has to happen in the mobile part!

So this is what we got out of it:

As a start, IOS was the reason why we finally had to look after the mobile website of alugha in an intensive way. There were a lot of problems over and over again. Besides, the performance seriously suffered. So we decided to completely redefine our navigation system, the structure of the website and even the search function for mobile and desktop from scratch.

We are about to offer you some new functions for our IOS app, so it was more than necessary to keep the app itself up to date. And TADAAA: it finally works the way it should - and this even in combination with the website itself!


Although we use Bootstrap, the website has always been optimized related to the desktop. The reason has simply been the manpower. This is another section where we took some corrections. The searching function on the smartphone is not only new, the video overview has been entirely optimized, plus the SVP (SingleVideoPage) got remarkable slim. Now the player starts in a full screen modus automatically and we optimized the language selection as well, as it is now touch optimized.

Even for our producers, we made the first and important move towards getting mobile by providing lots of functions from the desktop browser right for smartphone use.

Everything has to start once … and so our registration did… Until now, the registration at alugha was kind of boring and very rudimental. You had to search and look for a lot of things afterwards (e.g. connecting the YouTube channel,...). So we also optimized that part and finally created a wizard for you. This makes the registration, the account selection and the connection of the video platforms easy-peasy.


We are - as you hopefully know - a pioneer in things that touch global range and multilingual content. Hence we are always upgrading the different languages in the system itself. Apart from the previous complements in Spanish, French, Turkish, Polish and Dutch we added Hindi for you!A short time ago we provided a huge SEO update for  you. But this is not where it ends, it actually keeps moving! With the current update we literally boosted ourselves and could tease out even more of Google. For our producers, it’ll get more simple to push videos in a multilingual and gloabl way and share different channels. We have finally included Skype and WhatsApp in the inspector - and the most terrific thing? You only have to do a little for that - alugha takes the most, all by itself!

You keep asking yourself, how to navigate such a complicated Website? Easy: with a simple navigation. So we threw all the “fancy shit” over board, wrapped all the relevant input as a menu in the user avatar and suceeded in having only a few elements, which enables a clear arrangement for you.

Last but not least … our searching function.


As always… if you WOULD know, what happens at our place right now... This here is nothing but a fringe, just a swoosh. The storm in the epicentrum is making its way and nothing can stop it!

In this case: stay tuned!

You unreasonably still have no account? Then register yourself NOW and become a global player! Any more questions? Just contact us and we will help you at once and with a pleasure!

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