Started from scratch

"Alright so here we are in front of the elephants, and the cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really, really long trunks. And that's cool! And that's pretty much all I have to say."

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What you’re reading here is not the beginning of a book about animals, no elephant documentary - NO, you’re reading the lines, which are spoken in the first YouTube-clip ever! If one had only known then what was set in a motion!

Three guys

Jawed Karim, who was just philosophizing about elephant trunks, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley once were three employees of the PayPal company. In April 2005, Karim just uploaded this video “me at the zoo” on the YouTube channel, which was founded by them. Not even two years later, Google bought YouTube for about 1,31 billion Euro - the founders became rich. But the story goes on.

YouTube evolved from a small video portal to a dynasty, which is as multifaceted as propably no other video portal. In more than 75 languages, YouTube offers videos about really every content. In 2014, YouTube made about four billion US-Dollars.

Now we’re here

Today, YouTube is a case for all cases. Sewing a pair of pants shorter, improving physical knowledge, watching TV segments from all around the world or covering the annoying, ultrahuge pimple. YouTube seems to have a solution for all of this. According to statistics, 81% of the German youths is visiting the website with the white triangle in the red box. But YouTube does not end at recreation or entertainment, YouTube has become a profession for some of us.

YouTube as profession

Numerous YouTubers, called vloggers, make money with the video portal. Clicks on the channels are face value for the producers and enable them making their hobby to a profession. How this is working and what you should achieve to do it as a profession will briefly follow as a blogpost.

Facts are certainly:

YouTube made it to the top, in stuff like videos or selection, they play up front at matters as videos or selection. YouTube counts over one billion users with a growing tendency. Not only finding YouTube on nearly every Computer, you can also find the app on nearly every smartphone. YouTube reaches more people then many TV stations.

The alugha story

As a small tribute to Jawed Karim, we digged out this very first video for you and made it multilingual. And of course, we also want to show you the coolness of multilinguality! :-)

We also hope to play up front soon and offer you mulitlinguality in your daily life. With alugha, you can watch ONE video in DIFFERENT languages and you don’t have to deal with annoying clicks to watch the video in another language.

Be smart, use alugha!

In this sense: stay tubed!



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