Review - “Beauty and the Beast”

Review - “Beauty and the Beast”

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“Tale as old as time” - this applies pretty well to the remake of “Beauty and the Beast”. Because with time, fairy tales return. Recently in 2016, one of the Disney movies par excellence, “The Jungle Book”, was remade, so was  “Cinderella” the year before, and “The Lion King” is currently in the making. Director Bill Condon has given more than a touch of reality to the world famous Disney movie. 

First class

According to rumors, Emma Watson turned down the role of Mia in “La La Land” for “Beauty and the Beast”. However, she was also able to show her existing singing talent in "Beauty and the Beast" as Belle. By the way, all of the actors perform all of the songs themselves in the English version. With Luke Evans, the role of the self-righteous Gascon couldn’t have been cast better. He plays the meany, who, if necessary, would stop at nothing to achieve what he wants, incredibly authentically. Evans also proves in “Gaston’s Song” that he perfectly mastered the embodiment of the narcissistic villain. Thanks to his “factotum”, Lefou (Josh Gad), the two of them become really mean appealing figures. Also heavily discussed is Lefou’s not explicitly expressed homosexuality in the movie - a taboo issue in 1991. Nowadays, cases like this one should be self-evident, so we think it’s pretty great! Apart from that, it is striking that several roles were cast with dark-skinned actresses (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald) - again, we say: Thumbs up!

Being part of it 

Tales not only as old as time, but also as old as technological novelties. Unlike the 1991 movie, “Beauty and the Beast” hits the big screens in 3D. The audience is more or less part of the happenings when clocks and candelabras come to life, things get broken or glittering celebrations take place. Another argument to watch the new version! This film is really impressive regarding animation! 


All Disney fans should definitely watch this movie. Not only does it take us back to our childhood, director Bill Condon was also able to bring the old version of the movie to life without overwriting it. All songs were carried over identically and, together with outstanding acting, brought the film to an entirely new level. Here, a fairy tales comes modern, and true!

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