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Sprint #18 -  August 31 - September 14

  • Fix → Video overview on the alucation webpage wasn't aligned. Now it looks perfect again.

  • Improvement → The alert-message when deleting a segment in the dubbr was not very clearly understandable, so we adjusted the wording to make it clearer. 
  • Fix & Improvement → Now you can listen to recordings in the dubbr, althought no recoding device is available. 
  • Fix → We optimized the overview of voices in the dubbr, as there had been problems with many voices in one video.

  • Improvement → Pricing page didn't show how many managers have access to one account. 
  • Fix & Improvement → The dubbr is very stable, anyhow it sometimes gets stuck. Although it does happen rarely, we now have an alert that keeps you posted.
  • Fix & Improvement → Added alerts for errors in the login process to inform the user. 
  • Fix & Improvement → TTS voice select overflows page and can not be reached.


Sprint #19 -  September 14 - September 28

  • Improvement → You can now see how many TTS minutes are included in your plan. 
  • Improvement → Video duration is displayed in your archive. 
  • Improvement → Being manager of several accounts can be confusing on the navigation page. Your channels are now sorted by views to have your largest account at the top. 
  • Improvement → We updated our payment page and now you can save a lot of money choosing your plan and payment method. 
  • Fix & Improvement → Long videos did pose a problem for the dubbr from time to time, but this is over. 
  • Fix & Improvement → Too many errors in the console after an automated transcription. Now the errors are consolidated. 
  • Improvement → The buttons in the TTS window did look strange. Now they are pretty again. 





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