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If you’re no help to yourself … Emily Blunt in “Girl on the train”.

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A weird story with lots of participants and even more questions. The movie“Girl on the train”, which is based on the homonymous book (Paula Hawkins, 2015), celebrated its premiere at the end of October and is currently drawing many people to the theaters. Emily Blunt (Rachel) is once more proving her acting talent in a thriller, which demands full attention. Besides the Golden Globe winner and among others, Justin Theroux (Tom), Rebecca Ferguson (Anna), Luke Evans (Jason/Scott) and Haley Bennett (Jess/Megan) set the audience on the wrong track.


Rachel is in her early thirties and an alcoholic. Her unfulfilled wish to have children of her own makes her take to the bottle more and more, which destroys her marriage with Tom. Now, she’s living in a shared flat and has - as if her divorce isn’t the tip of the iceberg yet - lost her job. In order to keep up the appearance of a happy live in front of her roommate, she continues to go “to work” everyday. On the daily commute by train she is confronted with painful memories whenever she passes her old house, in which she once happily lived with Tom. Right now, Tom is living there with his new wife Anna, and their baby. In her inability to stop watching though, Rachel starts noticing a couple a few houses down the road, which seem to be astoundingly happy. Rachel is drawn to them and their display of a perfect life; she even names them “Jess” and “Jason” in her mind. 


One fine day as Rachel is ‘traveling’ to work again, she observes something unusual: “Jess” is kissing a man, who is definitely not “Jason”, in the middle of the front yard. Bit by bit, the movie uncovers “Jess’” sad, dark and frightening past. Rachel also discovers that “Jess” is working as the nanny of Tom and Anna. After one evening, which ended in an abundance of drinks once again, Rachel exits the train at exactly that stop which she has ‘only’ been watching so far.


Rachel regains consciousness the next morning, completely drained with no memory of her last night. The only thing she has is bad notions about what happened. Rachel, sadly enough, often experiences blackouts like those, which her surroundings dismiss as symptoms of her alcoholism. Fortunately, from a newspaper article with an enclosed photo, she learns, that “Jess”, whose real name is Megan, disappeared last night. Rachel tries to help the agents with solving the case, but ends up being put under suspicion more and more. Soon afterwards a corpse is found, whose identity brings bitter clearity: Megan is dead. But just as suddenly, Rachel starts to remember. And her ex-husband Tom doesn’t paint a picture of innocence in this new turn of events….

Do you want to know how this extremely exciting story is coming to an end? Who is responsible for Megan’s death? And who else was involved in the case? 

Then settle back into a cinema armchair and hold your breath. Because it will be anything but predictable! 


Although the events in the book took place in London, for the film, the set was moved to New York. Screenwriter Cressida Wilson justifies that decision with the fact, that the book is not "typical English" and the film was seen as an American production. 

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