Airbons saves your wallet

From now on, after every meal: do not forget to spin the fortune wheel! :-)

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Eating out is a fine thing, but it also drains the wallet. So how about someone who pays for your food? That doesn’t exist? It does! - The solution is called Airbons! 

The app, which picks up the bill at a restaurant with a 1 in 32 chance, was released in September 2015. The startup was founded by the entrepreneurs Tobias Tadysiak, Rado Dymek and Simon Cordes in Munich. The principle is quite simple: You have dinner at a restaurant that cooperates with Airbons, and pay your bill, as usual. Then you photograph the receipt with the app and spin the wheel of fortune. Now, there’s a chance that you win a refund of a part of or even the whole bill. Once you’ve collected 10.00€ on your account, you can transfer the money to your bank account. The highest win so far has been 174,00€! Occasionally, special promotions with cooperation partners take place. 

On the rooftops of Mannheim

Through a cooperation between alugha and Airbons, our new video “Never pay for your meal again? - “HollywooTodi” checks airbons out” came to life. The video is the most elaborate on hoTodi ever. It was the first time we filmed action and fight scenes with our in-house production. Matthias Schaudig aka Supermat was in charge of direction, cut and cinematography. Additionally, he played the customer who finds himself on the rooftops of Mannheim as a result of bold fights against security guard, Manuel Ding (our 2D/3D Media Designer). Manuel, your Matrix look was breathtaking! Alugha CEO Bernd Korz was the producer. Sascha Weber and Arthur Rewak also played a part in producing the video, and they gave it the final touch. For the first time behind the camera: our holiday jobber Tessa Funk. I, a working student, also gave my debut performance - namely as the waitress who is left behind bewildered by the fleeing Supermat. But it seems as if Supermat learned from his mistake. Because from now on, after every meal: do not forget to spin the fortune wheel! :-)

As always, the multilingual video is available on alugha in German and English!


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