Still Alice - Review

A film about Alzheimer’s Disease and an Oscar for Julianne Moore

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Young and dynamic, this is what we all will become, are or used to be once. But we all are going to be old one day. Maybe that old, that we forget things now and then. And lots of people get forgetful, sick and dependent on others in the old age. This subject is not nice, but it affects all of us. We all have to deal with it some day. Exactly this topic is one which should be given a stage in the world of the film - and this happened with Julianne Moore as Dr. Alice Howland, who is falling ill with Alzheimer’s Disease in the film. 

“People with Alzheimer’s Disease deserve to be seen” - Julianne Moore 

Still Alice is a film about the destiny of the successful professor Dr. Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) which shows the path of a confident woman from the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease to the nearly complete break-up of her memory. The audience experiences how Alice’s words escape during lectures, how she gets lost while jogging and how she disremembers appointments. The fact that Alice repeats herself and can’t keep things for a long time is indeed seen as strange by her husband and children, but they’re not thinking of anything bad first - after all, she is only fifty. When her doctor makes an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in early stage, all of them are deeply shocked and scared of what is coming. And what is coming often hits the whole family like a blow and is inexorable. Alice changes more and more and loses control over herself. 

But on the contrary, the disease also has positive aspects: Alice learns to appreciate the little things, her relation to her daughter gets better and she enjoys every moment in which she is living. She accepts the disease and tries to find ways of handling it. However, Alice is able to experience a highlight once again in a situation where she has the whole control: During an event about Alzheimer’s she’s holding a speech, with which she completely touches all of her listeners. 

Oscar for Julianne Moore 

Moores outstanding acting performance in the film got rewarded with an Oscar in 2015. In her acceptance speech she underlined the family as the most important thing during the process of Alzheimer’s disease as well as the feeling of having a home. “I’m so happy that we were able to shine a light on Alzheimer’s disease”, she says. We can only recommend this film warmly to all of you, in fact because of the reason that this film is real. This film is authentic and true. If we just live long enough, we will all be in the shoes of Dr. Alice Howland - and maybe then we will remember “Still Alice”. 

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