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Time to say Goodbye

Lillifee is leaving

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As the saying goes: “All things come to an end”. Unfortunately, my time here at alugha has come to an end. Since my studies are about to hit the home stretch, I’ve decided to focus exclusively on them to make the most of them! And this is exactly what I’ve learned here: You can always make the most of it! I am really glad to be able to share with you my conclusion about one year at alugha - one year at a startup! 

What I’ve learned 

Rule number 1: startups are cool! The working atmosphere here simply can’t be compared to “normal” companies! All of us pull together and literally jump around when we’ve reached a big goal. I will definitely take that with me.  

Patience. I am a very impatient person and I prefer to have everything at once. Especially the technical challenges tested my limits to some extent and even beyond - but in the end, we had two articles every week. Lo and behold:  You can always make the most of it! In a startup, reducing errors is a regular part of the daily routine - simply because we are still young, and we still grow and learn every day. That needs patience, which is exactly what I could put to test here! 

No risk no fun. There are few rules you can follow as a blogger. Just because last week’s article was read many times doesn’t mean this week’s article is going to be popular as well. You can’t release an article at a specific time and then get a lot of guaranteed views and likes. The World Wide Web is unpredictable - and this is exciting!

Writing blocks are okay. Everyone sits in front of an empty page sometimes, doesn’t matter if it’s a term paper, a letter or just the screen. Sometimes, you just can’t think of something to write. And that’s completely okay! Several attempts have always lead to success! 

Together, we’re strong. The alugha team is and will always be unique. Every mind is needed and essential for the development process. During my year here, I could rely on my colleagues without any exception - and in working life, this isn’t self-evident. THANK YOU for that! You really make saying goodbye hard. 

What is left to say 

Stay tuned! For me, it was a unique experience to feed hungry people with articles every week, and the feeling when it worked was unbelievable. Alugha’s idea is awesome and gets better and better! Everyday, we work on making the alugha experience even better for you, the users! So: Please remain loyal to us and stay tuned - this is what I am going to do, too! 

Thank you, for the time and especially the fun I had here. I learned so much, grew personally, and the time here really shaped me. Thanks to everyone who read my articles and also thanks to those who criticized them - that way, I was able to learn even more.

Well, take care! 

I wish you guys an awesome time on the best multilingual platform of the world! 

xoxo, Lillifee





War eine wirklich coole Zeit mit dir! Wir bedanken uns von ganzem Herzen, dass du dabei warst!

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