"Me before you" comes to cinema

“Me before you” broaches not only the extraordinary love between both chief characters but also the issue of euthanasia and combines the two topics.

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Turn off the lights - get out the tissues. From tomorrow on, Germany can also follow the lovestory of Louisa Clark and William Traynor on the big screen. Alugha made the trailer multilingual for you!

Germany’s most successful novel of the year 2013

“Me before you” from Jojo Moyes was sold over one million times in Germany in 2013 and survived 26 weeks as first place on the Kultur-SPIEGEL bestseller list. It got translated in over 34 languages worldwide and was finally made into a film now. In Germany, the film premiere is on 23rd of June 2016.

A story that affects

The novel which fills over 500 pages narrates the story of William Traynor, a former successful businessman who got completely paralyzed through an accident. Only able to move his head and totally dependent on others help and care, he is heartbroken and decides to demand on euthanasia. The last request of his parents is to give them another half a year with him.

Louisa Clark is a young woman who just doesn’t seem to find the right job. After also quitting her last employment and desperately needing some money, she finds herself at the palace of the Traynor’s where she should nurse William.

However, Traynor is not admitting any talks and also doesn’t seem to be able to get into something anymore. But after a while, Louisa gets his trust and can take pleasure in some laughs with him. The two of them fall in love and the world of the patient finally seems to revolve again. But at that point, Louisa doesn’t know about his proposition and her world collapses when she learns from it.

“Me before you” broaches not only the extraordinary love between both chief characters but also the issue of euthanasia and combines the two topics. With Emilia Clarke, who should be known for “Game of Thrones” and Sam Claflin, who also took an important part in the trilogy “The Hunger Games”, the two main parts got filled by extremely talented actors.

Which end of the love story between Louisa and William takes well? Wrap up one, two or three packages of tissues and experience it in the cinema!

We wish you a lot of fun and also a strong shoulder to lean on!

Your alugha Team :-)

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