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The time has come! The alughans have perfected SEO in an incredible way! Fasten your seatbelts, we will guide you through the new search engine optimization.

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What is the most important thing about blog articles? That they’re read, right. What is THE premise for blog articles to be read? That they can be found, right again. And who created the ultimate weapon for that? Alpha dog alugha! For three months, our coding fairy Sabrina improved, tweaked and worked magic on SEO optimization. Now, we can be everywhere - and that even in different ways! Because one of the unbelievable optimization weapons we put in your hand is the “weapon of uniqueness”. This means that with alugha and the new “sharing” function, you can decide how and where your article is shared. You can vary title, description and image and so make sure that the article is published and shared differently on every network - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Reddit. This allows you to separately customize and share one and the same article on different networks. How cool is that?! One article in an unbelievable amount of frames!

With the snip editor to the “big picture” 

Lots of snippets make a big work of art, also at alugha! With the snip editor, your article will become omnipresent on the internet. Because this editor works through all the important indicators to appear at the very top of the search engine results page later. The snip editor allows you to edit the teaser that later appears on search engines like Google or Bing. Here, you can create snippets that tell the reader the key facts of your article briefly and concisely. Hence, you can tell the reader all important information in a single sentence. With the snippet editor description, you can add information to the description of the article or even replace it completely. For example, you can give the reader additional information that is not even in the article itself! 

Analysis function

Another brilliant achievement of Sabrina is the incredibly clever analysis function. With it, title, description and text are analyzed to the acid test and evaluated if everything fits together and harmonizes. Here’s an example for a better understanding: You write an article about a new computer keyboard. Here, there are keywords that are essential for the text of the article - in this case it’s the word keyboard and, for example, its brand. The analysis function ensures that these keywords appear in the title, description and text and that they are repeated as well. Furthermore, the snip editor keeps an eye on ALT attributes and links. Green check marks signalize that the items are checked off and optimized, a red X signalizes that these factors are not done yet and can be edited. So alugha shows you what has to be considered so that your article is found quickly and easily, by detecting if the article is optimized for online media and search engines. Thus, perfecting search engine optimization becomes child’s play. 

For the advanced users, there are also functions at the robot level: If you also want to be found on Google, you can use the “Index” button. If you don’t want to be found, there is the “No Index” button. If you integrated links into your article, you can use the “Follow” function to give them some link juice (link power). Of course, we also integrated a function that does the opposite. In addition, the “Meta Robots extended” function offers you various additional options: If you don't use ODP (Open Directory Project), no metadata from the ODP is used or displayed for this page or snippets. “No image index” means that the images to the article are not indexed on the page. “No archive” means that no "cached" link is displayed in the search results and “No snippet” simply symbolizes that no snippets are displayed in the search results for the respective page. With that, you can decide right down to the last detail where and how your article can be found! 

Altogether, we just listed numerous additional reasons to use alugha and become a member of our multilingual crew: We offer you the pretty complex search engine optimization that is easy to use, we allow you to share your articles incredibly diversely on social networks, and with the snip-editor, we guide you to be omnipresent on search engine results pages. We offer exactly what you need as a blogger: an unbelievable range. Well then: Welcome on board! 

For the snippy ones of you - here is our SEO-road map. 

  • Rule number one: SEO = Online Marketing! Whatever you’re planning should be realizable with SEO measures. 
  • What you need: good keywords! Focus on long tail keywords. You can perfectly realize keywords targeted at a certain audience with blogs. Less is more: use the keywords sparingly but effectively. Also watch your competitors. 
  • Optimize titles and descriptions. At least NOW you should read the complete article, because this is exactly what our analysis function is offering you! Write inspiringly and informatively at the same time - be an all-round package. 
  • Make sure to use attractive meta descriptions: Your reader should understand within two sentences what he will learn when he clicks on the page. 
  • Don’t divide your website into too many categories: Every page should be reachable with a maximum of three clicks. This makes it easier for users and search engines to find all existing pages. 
  • Evaluate your usage data and website speed. Lots of special effects achieve nothing if their loading takes minutes. Your users should be able to load the page fast. This also has a positive effect on the search engine ranking. 
  • Use social media! This shouldn’t be underestimated and has a big impact on search results. Put as much social media as possible on your page so visitors can share it. Also share yourself to create links between social media sites and your page. You can do that best with Google+, which is, of course, best connected to Google. 
  • Do not only advertise online but also offline - in “real life”! Make sure that you talk about your page. Especially in a social sense, this is very positive for SEO. 
  • Work with partners. Create content for them and stay in contact with them. More partners are more visitors! 
  • 3,2,1 - let’s go! 

PS: You can perfectly recognize your  SEO advantages with our Frozen video: Through alugha, every single audio track (and there are 40!) is classified as a separate video upload. THIS is real SEO power! 

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