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Alugha Updates | June 2021 - what's new at alugha

Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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Estimated reading time:2minutes

June was kind of more “relaxed” than the months before. Not because we didn't code some cool stuff or fix some bugs. Let's call it the calm before the storm. There has been some thunder and rumble within alugha, so that we had to set up a good plan for how to use our resources. However, no worries, we anyway managed to code some nice things for you!

Sprint #11 -  May 26 - June 7

  • Improvement → Subtitles are really cool and as we like things organized, we finally centered our subtitles! This is how it looked so far…

This is how you'll find it now… 

  • Improvement → Now that we integrated podcasts we want to make you a great offer on our plans site. But have a look for youself: Podcasts.
  • Fix → Our last update smuggled a small bug in our dubbr and you weren't able to move new segements to other videos. Well… it works again. 
  • Fix → The submenus in the navigation bar had lost their z-index. Now they are on the right path again. 

Sprint #12 -  June 8 - June 22

  • Improvement → Meanwhile, our whitelist support is used quite frequently. To make sure that you know where the video belongs, we added an info field in the player, which looks like this:

  • Fix → Using the firefox browser the dubbr page was reloaded every time you added a new URL to the whitelist. What nonsense! And gone it is!
  • Fix → Unfortunately, our plans site had some problems, but we found the bug and fixed it promptly. 
  • Improvement & Fix → Somehow the menu for voices disappeared behind the timeline. But we talked to it and now it's ready take the first row again. 
  • Improvement → So far, we chose the language displayed for you automatically - and first, we will continue to do so. But, now you can choose to change the language without logging in first. You can find other languages in the footer. 






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