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Modern company communication? We have a tip!

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Paul Watzlawick already said it: “You can not not communicate”. But how do you communicate in a company? If it goes beyond the dyad? How do you avoid to tell everything about five times? Today, we want to present you a potential possibility: Slack. 

Since August, we have dismissed Hangouts and are now using the instant messaging service Slack! Slack is a software with which you can create your own groups for specific topics and employees and at the same time, of course, chat with colleagues. For example, at alugha we have own groups for developers, creatives or the social media fraction. This makes it easy and quick to circumvent colleagues with messages that are not primarily directed or not important to them. On the one hand, this won’t get you clobbered over the head with messages and on the other, it will easily be faster. And as you surely know: Time is money! 

One advantage of Slack is that you decide for yourself whether the groups should be private or public. In this way, you can create closed groups, which are only accessible to chosen colleagues. 

One more great plus is the wide range of files which can be sent through slack. From PDF, Word, Excel and Office files to Google and Office documents and even audios, videos and links, everything is there. Furthermore, Slack has a crawler and extensions - in a manner of speaking everything the heart desires. 

Free of charge? Hmm...

In general, Slack is free. But only until a certain time. Because the free version is limited to 10.000 messages. Once these are reached, everything beyond disappears and can not be stored or found anymore. So this is the minus of the software. From the so-called 10.000 news, Slack offers a possibility to bypass, but it costs! And this is 8$ per user per month! With a crew of almost 30 people, this really is a lot of money, and of course, we want one thing: getting bigger! Therefore, we unfortunately have to detract one star in the evaluation. On the whole, Slack however is a round thing, which we gladly recommend! 

PS: Slack is also wonderfully working on the mobile phone as an app! 

In the video, Bernd explains how to create your own Slack account!

Look, listen and log in to alugha!

Your multilingual crew wishes you a nice weekend! :-) 

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